VW plans: Soon Electric Convertible from Osnabruck?

VW plans: Soon Electric Convertible from Osnabruck?-electric

The already fighters with capacity utilization issues Osnabruck could have good prospects for an electric convertible according to the Group Chief Herbert. This reports “Automobile Week.de “. The factory, in which the open version of the T-ROC is currently manufactured, is a “niche-convertible location very competent”, this is quoted. “The next possibility must of course be an electric convertible. There are considerations at Volkswagen, there are considerations at Audi.”

As it continues to say, the 9 becomes. December the completion of the investment planning at VW expects for the next five years. According to the Council of Council, according to the report, he is “sure that Osnabruck will apply for a production at our electrical convertible. I am very confident.”In the previous planning round, Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister and VW Supervisory Board Stephan had suggested that there could be perspectives for e-mobility in Osnabruck.

First, however, VW drives up the production of vehicles with purely electric drives elsewhere. In Germany this was so far mainly Zwickau. However, the works of Emden and Hannover are also converted accordingly. In March, the company had announced overlooking Osnabruck, from the summer to a part of the assembly of the steep gear variant of his limousine Arteon from Emden to want to transfer there. As a result, the plant for conversions to the future production of E models would be relieved. The subsidiaries specialized in automotive development and production in Osnabruck had come to VW after the bankruptcy of the traditional company Karmann.

This was expressed according to “Automobile Week.”Also, a possible opening of the new software division Cariad for cooperation partners from the supplier industry such as Continental or Bosch. The development of own IT and control systems for networked cars is a core project of the VW boss – while large suppliers continue to be able to remain strong in the business in the basic structures of the vehicle software in any case. A participation of external partners is currently not provided, but “in principle in the future also conceivable”.

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4 thoughts on “VW plans: Soon Electric Convertible from Osnabruck?”

  1. Quote from the article: “The already fighters with capacity utilization issues – Osnabruck, according to the corporate chief Herbert, could have good prospects for an electric convertible.”

    I understand Mr. this most literally. Probably VW has a good chance to actually have an electric convertible. When the current production speed, it is expected to stay with a single one per month. A shame what’s going on here, or unfortunately not. I’m looking forward to the registration numbers for Nov. Sure, there will be a delle.


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