VW prepares work Hannover for the production of the ID.Buzz

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VW prepares work Hannover for the production of the ID.Buzz-prepares

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN) drives the transformation of vehicle manufacturing in the Hanover plant forward, among other things, for the production of the fully electrical ID.Buzz How planned can start in the coming year. During the three weeks of vacation in August, vehicle production rested at the manufacturing lines, on the other hand, to give them necessary construction: more than 450 individual conversion and modernization measures as well as maintenance work was successfully implemented in the factory. For this purpose, a total of more than 900 employees were used in the factory as well as around 600 employees of external companies. “The focus of the work was on the upcoming start of series production of the new Multivan,” says Lars Peters, Head of Vehicles at VWN at the Hanover plant.

Last quality checks and optimizations were made, for example, in the new bodywork for the upcoming Bulli generation. Peters on: “In the coming weeks we drive high the series operation of the new Multivan. The employees as well as the investments in production are now in the starting blocks. At that moment, we worked for the last few months and look forward to the latest generation of the Bulli parallel to the T6.1 to manufacture here in Hanover.”

Construction of the ID. Buzz plants and first work for D-SUV

At the same time the integration of the ID. Buzz manufacturing in the existing infrastructure. Serial production of the fully electric bullis will begin in the coming year; For this purpose, two completely new band sections with modern conveyor technology were built during the factory leave in the assembly. “Not only the technique is up-to-date, we have planned and built up the jobs for the latest ergonomic findings,” says Peters.

For the employees at VWN in the Hanoverian district of Stocks, the first measures for the future production of D-SUVs for further corporate brands are now visible now: In the factory leave, in the center of the terrain with the demolition of eight small halls started. Later, a new modern production hall is built at the same place, in which parts of the new production will be accommodated for the premium E models.

The restart started without complications, as Peters explains: “Planning and implementation of over 450 measures as well as the restart were precisely and to the point. This only creates a well-motivated team. My thanks go to all participants.”

In factory leave, the following modernization and maintenance measures were implemented, among other things:

  • More than 100 modernization measures in assembly: Existing production lines improved ergonomics for employees. For this purpose, for example, co-ribbons were mounted, which move at the same pace, as the vehicles. The employees have an optimal status for the work for the activities to be performed.
  • For the ID. Buzz manufacturing was built a fully automatic system for mounting the wheels, in the robot in conjunction with complex camera technology, grip the wheels and fit fit on the vehicle.
  • Where new band sections arise, old lines had to soften. In total, around 250 tonnes of steel were dismantled during demolition work in the assembly.
  • Efficiency and high quality in the pressing unit: a new board cutting system (length 70 meters, width 17 meters) is currently being built in the pressing unit. During the factory leave, important work for commissioning were carried out in the fourth quarter. In the system, so-called boards are cut from the supplied steel coils, which are subsequently processed in the pressing unit.
  • Important future project in the paint shop: Over a period of about two years, a central area in the paint shop (sealing of the body before applying the paint) was modernized; Thus, accumulators of the T6 can now be.1, new multivan and ID. Buzz the systems through.
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  1. Hopefully there is an affordable entry-level model for the people who like to drive themselves.
    Also with manual cranks instead of electric windows … people, do not pack as much nonsense in the cars – also take the T1 / T2 as a model. He had no lane assistants and yet Ma could drive it ..


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