VW: Production site for Trinity still unclear

VW: Production site for Trinity still unclear-production

The new Trinity of Volkswagen, which 2026 is expected to expand the model palette of Wolfsburg and set new standards with range, loading speed and digitization. In addition, the sedan will be able to drive in accordance with VW highly automated to Level 4. On the other hand, where the new electric flagship will be built. Volkswagen has now announced to take this decision until the end of this year.

Currently, various locations in Lower Saxony are evidently tested, as the company had announced. If the trinity production is supposed to start 2026, a start of construction must be considered at the latest in the spring of 2023. The time is therefore pushing. First, it already seemed that the location Wolfsburg receives the surcharge. “The Trinity project was confirmed for the Wolfsburg site and an examination of other derivatives decided under the next planning round,” says VW in December 2021.

Now everything is open again: the sites possible according to media reports possible locations in Lower Saxony are not all on Wolfsburg city area, but at least in the immediate vicinity of the parent plant. The district of Gifhorn has also registered interest. Favorite should be the Wolfsburg district of Warmenau, located north of the corporate headquarters at the Mittelland Canal.

In November, the Manager Magazine had reported without information from sources, the new plant should in the medium term on an annual capacity of more than 200.000 cars are designed. This is not confirmed by Volkswagen, in the notification to the planning round is not discussed. However, with high numbers, the options of expanding the existing location in Wolfsburg were discarded, since the logistics would have become complex in the light of the planned quantities. So an external new building became more economical.

The project name Trinity derives from the Latin “Trinitas” for Trinity. Accordingly, Trinity should embody three crucial issues: a newly developed electronics platform with state-of-the-art software, the simplification of the offer structure and fully crosslinked and intelligent production in the main Wolfsburg. “Trinity is something like the crystallization point of our strategy accelerate,” says Ralf Brandstatter, CEO of the Volkswagen brand. “A lighthouse project and our software Dream-Car.”

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