VW puts pressure on the recall

VW puts pressure – TuV knows nothing

Those who do not take part in the VW software update are said to no longer get a TuV

VW puts pressure on the recall-recall
Private Recall letter from VW: Those who do not take part in the exhaust gas recall allegedly lose approval and TuV – says VW

  • Site editor Sebastian Viehmann

Millions of diesel vehicles from VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda are being recalled "cheat software" to remove. VW threatens those who refuse to call back: Those who do not take part risk losing their TuV badge. But test organizations contradict VW.

VW vehicles that do not participate in the exhaust emissions recall lose their registration? . This is controversial among legal experts. In any case, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has been threatening recall refusers in the exhaust gas scandal for some time. And VW itself also points out in its recall letters that those who refuse can have their operating license withdrawn (this is about paragraph 5 of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV), "Restriction and prohibition of the operation of vehicles").

Not TuV-capable – but not a defect?

Another paragraph in the letter that many VW customers have received and that is available on the site threatens another consequence: "Participation can also be checked at the next general inspection and the sticker cannot be issued." Drivers can actually only see this as a threat: If you don’t want the controversial software update, you’ll fail the TuV.

This claim is unusual in that the review of recall campaigns is not part of the main inspection (HU) – especially since the software manipulation is not a property relevant to road safety, which VW itself repeatedly emphasizes.

TuV knows nothing

Site asked the organizations TuV, Dekra, GTu and KuS, which carry out all main inspections (HU). Apparently, VW’s claim does not correspond to the facts. "We are not aware of this and have no way of seeing if a vehicle has been recalled. In addition, such a thing would not even be part of the main inspection", says TuV Sud spokesman Vincenzo Luca to Site.

The KuS made a similar statement: According to a spokesman for the monitoring organization, it is theoretically possible that the vehicles affected by the recall could be identified when the data was provided. But even the KuS knows nothing about the allegedly imminent refusal to issue a badge. "Something like that could only come from the Federal Ministry of Transport and not from VW", such a KuS spokesman. A statement from VW on the subject is still pending.

Exhaust scandal: This is what is happening now in the workshop with your VW

VW puts pressure on the recall-puts

Exhaust scandal: This is what is happening now in the workshop with your VW

According to VW’s arguments in court, the "cheat software" It is neither forbidden software nor a defect, which is why the customers are not entitled to any compensation and they do not have the right to return the car to the dealer. Courts judged differently: Some side with the dealers and VW, others agree with the complaining car owners and speak explicitly of the VW scandal "fraudulent deception" of the consumer.

VW scandal: Advice for affected car owners

What should motorists do? "cheat diesel" from VW, Audi, Skoda or Seat? Must and should follow the recall? Is there late damage caused by the software update or a loss in value of the car? Change consumption and performance? Site answers the burning questions of diesel drivers in a special. You can access the Dieselgate guide via this link.

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11 thoughts on “VW puts pressure on the recall”

  1. Who still believes scammers!
    When VW points out that you supposedly don’t get a TUV without an update, that’s on the one hand … lied again and another fraudulent attempt to persuade the drivers to update and then have fewer legal options to sue VW or the dealers. I was only at the end of May with my fraud car VW-CC without updates at the TuV in Middle Franconia and got a new TuV without any problems.

  2. The HU adapter makes it possible
    Soon the huadapter will query the software version of the control units… If the old version is on it, there is no sticker because there is a defect. As simple as that. Have fun you Golf 6 and 7 drivers. Even the test engineer has no more leeway

  3. What a great one again
    article. VW only points out that it can happen and only because they were obliged to do so. And what do you make of it again?? The main thing is to damage the Vw, but you don’t seem to care that the Japanese don’t buy a site.

  4. Not HU but KBA
    It is not the TuV that then shuts down the cars, but the KBA. Then the plaque on the license plate is scratched off on the street and who gets into a police check, or HU. He will then be informed at the latest that the vehicle may no longer be used on public roads. It’s the same if you don’t pay the car taxes every year. Then the badge on the license plate is simply scraped off and a note is deposited.

  5. VW muddles on…
    VW or. the affiliated workshops are sometimes not able to recognize or correct problems that arise as a result of the update. to eliminate. They then desperately try to explain this as normal and the customer is the fool. In my case, after the update, the engine knocks significantly when accelerating/under load. According to the local workshop. Wolfsburg everything is within the parameters, you don’t see any reason for improvement. But what kind of changed parameters are (injection times and quantities, frequency of injection, system pressure of the injection, etc.) one does not want to communicate. I am afraid that after a certain mileage the engine will have run in and the "old" Hardware (injectors) can of "new" software do not follow.

  6. When "good Lower Saxony"
    In the past 50 years I have never looked at any other vehicle than "a VW" Bought. Where the designation "Volkswagen" with regard to the Wolfsburg pricing is no longer quite accurate. For the future, the following will apply to me: No, no and again no. No more car from the "megalopolis".

  7. VW
    VW announces that it will build electric cars. Ironically, the company that cheated countless drivers with their diesel cars. I certainly wouldn’t buy VW cars.

  8. That is German!
    While in the USA VW runs under the carpet, in Europe the customer is coerced. I say: you shouldn’t buy anything from such a dubious company!

  9. VW and KBA – the fraud machinery
    VW and KBA should not talk too much. People are not stupid to let themselves be deceived again. I won’t do the update. The car runs and after the update it can’t get any better than it was before. Hands off – my car! Catch me if you can dear authority. Luckily there are so many of us. We sit it out!

  10. Surely nobody can offer that
    If that should happen, there will be many lawsuits against it. Either it is a defect that entitles you to withdraw or there is the HU sticker.

  11. Why threat? If not a scam
    removed, it goes without saying that the TuV does not accept the vehicle. And as far as the defect is concerned, the dispute is not whether it is a defect, but whether it is so serious that the buyer has a right to compensation for damages, or whether he must allow the seller to remedy it. As well as whether the removal of defects is actually completely harmless for the buyer.


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