VW recall: what diesel owners need to know now


What Diesel Owners Need to Know Now

VW recall: what diesel owners need to know now-owners

VW has to make improvements: A workshop visit is due for 2.4 million diesels in Germany. However, it is not yet clear when exactly it will start

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The VW Group has to improve the emission control of 2.4 million diesel cars registered in Germany. Owners should take advantage of the recall. Otherwise it can have unpleasant consequences.

E.A 189 – this number is currently causing a stir in the Volkswagen Group. The reason: In many diesel engines of this type, the exhaust systems have been manipulated with the help of special software.

After this manipulation became known, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) obliged VW to replace this software. For the owners this means: They will have to bring their cars to the workshops in the coming months. But how do you find out about it? Answers to important questions:

Do those affected have to report to the dealer?

No, because the Volkswagen group wants to inform the owners of its own accord. VW customers will probably receive mail in the coming weeks. The same applies to owners of affected Audi, Seat and Skoda models. Owners can already check the special websites of each brand to see whether their car is affected. All you have to do is enter your chassis number.

When do the cars have to go to the workshop??

A precise schedule has not yet been set, but no car will have to go to the workshop before January 2016. According to its own information, VW is currently still working on developing the measures for the individual engines.

The diesel milestones

VW recall: what diesel owners need to know now-recall

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The BMW 524td, which came onto the market in 1983, was undoubtedly one of the biggest surprises in the history of diesel cars. The turbo six-cylinder developed 115 hp, in 1986 BMW pushed the so-calledar after a naturally aspirated diesel engine with only 86 HP.

Source: BMW

VW recall: what diesel owners need to know now-recall

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It all started with this car. In 1936 Mercedes presented the 260 D model, the first series-production passenger car with a diesel engine. The cab landaulet version can be seen here, and at The cab drivers, i.e. taxi drivers, liked the 260 D because of its low fuel consumption. Even if it only reached 90 km / h with its 45 hp.

Source: Daimler

VW recall: what diesel owners need to know now-diesel

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The breakthrough for the diesel in the car came after the Second World War, when Mercedes presented the 180 D in 1954. Because of their poor performance, the 180 is called and its successor models 190 D and 200 D also "shifting dunes".

Source: Daimler AG

VW recall: what diesel owners need to know now-recall

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The Peugeot 204 was a compact car (3.74 meters) that was available in many body styles. In 1968 he came up with a 40 horsepower diesel that got its output from just 1255 cubic centimetershe scooped displacement – from now on the diesel principle was also available for smaller and lighter cars.

Source: Peugeot

VW recall: what diesel owners need to know now-need

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The large numbers among the more compact diesel cars were only made by the VW Golf Diesel, which was introduced in 1976. its engine was not particularly big either: 1.5 liters was enough for 50 hp, later followed by a 1.6-liter with 54 hp. At that time, the turbocharger was not yet intended for diesel cars.

Source: Volkswagen

VW recall: what diesel owners need to know now-owners

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Two years after the Golf Diesel, the first turbo diesel engine came on the market; it was built into the Mercedes 300 SD and was supposed to help fleet consumption in the USA. The 115 hp-The engine brought the car to 165 km / h and consumed 10.6 liters according to the norm – about 30 percent less than comparable gasoline engines in luxury vehicles.

Source: Daimler

VW recall: what diesel owners need to know now-know

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Fiat today hardly has anyone on the bill when it comes to technical pioneering achievements. But two years before the Volkswagen group entered the Kombinatio with the Audi 100 TDIn consisted of a turbocharger and diesel direct injection, this technology was already available in the Fiat Croma.

Source: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

VW recall: what diesel owners need to know now-recall

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Aluminum and magnesium reduced the weight of the VW Lupo by 150 kilograms, plus there were low-friction tires and aerodynamic improvements – the Lupo 3L TDI was the first car in 1999it a standard consumption of less than three liters, VW had specified exactly 2.99 l / 100 km. At prices above 27,000 marks, there were too few buyers for the three-liter Lupo.

Source: Volkswagen / dpa / gms

By the end of October at the latest, the German carmaker should present the planned new programs for the 2.0-liter TDI models to the Federal Motor Transport Authority. The solutions for diesel vehicles with 1.6 and 1.2 liter cubic capacity must then follow by the end of November.

How long will the recall take in total??

That cannot be reliably predicted. In the event of a recall of this magnitude – 2.4 million vehicles are affected in Germany alone – the campaign will probably drag on well into next year, the KBA suspects. This also depends on the question of which workshops are involved in the recall.

An affected owner can freely choose the workshop?

That is not yet certain. According to its own information, Volkswagen is currently checking which workshops can participate. It’s not just about technical issues. The group must be able to prove to the Federal Motor Transport Authority that the emissions values ​​are correct again. It must therefore be ensured that the required work has been carried out.

VW are threatened with high fines in Europe too

VW has also violated European law. The Federal Motor Transport Authority determined that the software installed in diesel vehicles was an impermissible cut-off device. Source: The World

The Group’s authorized workshops will be authorized to carry out repairs according to the manufacturer’s specifications. According to the company, there are a total of 2173 authorized Volkswagen partners nationwide. With the 2.4 million diesel recalled, this results in an arithmetical 1100 vehicles per workshop.

Do those affected have to take part in the recall?

At least you should – in your own interest. "The manufacturer is obliged to eliminate the exhaust gas manipulation," said KBA spokesman Stephan Immen. Therefore, the affected owners should also participate.

“The measure is aimed at getting the vehicles into proper condition.” If the required changes could not be carried out, for example because the owner refused to bring his vehicle to the workshop, the operating license for the vehicle will expire in case of doubt . The car may then no longer be used in traffic.

Is manipulation a reason to withdraw from the purchase?

Not necessarily. "Initially, customers only have a right to supplementary performance," explains Daniela Mielchen, specialist lawyer in the traffic law working group of the German Lawyers’ Association (DAV). According to the law, the seller must be able to remedy defects.

The seller must be given a reasonable period of time for this. How long this period is depends on the individual case. Resignation should basically only be the last resort. dpa

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