VW: revealed! The secret electric models

ID2, ID 5, ID6, Aero

Unveiled: the secret electric models from VW

VW: revealed! The secret electric models-models
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design Minivan electrically: This could look the VW ID2

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VW continues to rigorously focus on electromobility. In the future, the driving dynamics and a sophisticated digital architecture should secure the space in the sun in Wolfsburg carmaker. Site shows which new models are coming.

This is how times have changed. Once Ferdinand Piëch put a piece of money up on an eight -cylinder to demonstrate the running rest of the engine, now the Lower Saxony car manufacturer is presenting the balance of the damage caused by natural disasters. In 2020 alone it was $ 210 billion. VW gives everything to give the thoroughbred environmental postle. “We are committed to the Paris climate agreement", says VW series manager electromobility Andreas Kruger.

VW fully jumps onto the climate train

The reason for the Wolfsburg goal is also an escape to the front. After all, they are fully committed to electromobility and initially invest around 35 billion euros. You have to offer your shareholders something.

VW: revealed! The secret electric models-models
The ID.4 GTX costs 50.415 euros Photo: VW VW ID.4 GTX: Order start – sporting surcharge

The start was not always completely round. The ID.3 plagued software problems that the technicians only gradually get under control. That does not change the fact that the Meb first-time is now enjoying growing popularity: Around 103.000 Europeans are currently the VW ID.3 and about 48.000 the ID.4 ordered. "Now it is slowly starting to be fun, now it is going to the freestyle," says Andreas Kruger and thus also implicitly admits that the bump start of the ID.3 did not always lead to the party mood.

VW: revealed! The secret electric models-models
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design VW ID5: Volkswagen is planning a larger version of its new electro SUV ID4

ID4 GTX becomes an electric sports SUV

Finally, the Wolfsburgers have the ID.4 GTX presented with 220 kW, for the time being the top of the series, analogous to the GTI models in the vehicles with combustion engine. But that won’t stay that way. “We still need emotional products. The GTX is not the end of the flagpole, I am sure that something will come, ”says VW technology director Thomas Ulbrich. It is quite possible that the power variant will have the letter r in the name. It makes sense in any case, since 220 kW PS does not attract any electromobility agility fan behind the oven. "Driving dynamics will remain an important VW criterion in the future," explains Ulbrich.

VW: revealed! The secret electric models-electric
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design XL combination under power: VW plans an ID7

However, the VW model offensive continues: the sporty electric SUV Coupè ID.5 Should attract more customers. In China the spacious ID.6 stand in the traders’ showrooms. In Europe, in 2024, the Aero B A shooting Brake strengthen the position of Wolfsburg carmaker, what the Sympathie carrier Elektrobulli (ID.Buzz) will safely succeed at the latest in 2023.

Once paying, shop as much as you want: but the current flat rate pays off?

VW: revealed! The secret electric models-revealed

Site Once paying, shop as much as you want: but the current flat rate pays off?

ID5, ID6 and Aero are the new Stromer

The "Small Bev" appeals to a completely different clientele, which VW sees as a compact electric vehicle that is for about 25.000 euros will be available. This vehicle was originally planned for 2027 and is now to be launched in 2025. Also in conversation: A mini-streak that could be called ID1 – And would also be urgently needed, because in the EU, small cars without an electric drive will soon be in short supply due to increasing exhaust gas regulations without an electric drive.

VW: revealed! The secret electric models-revealed
Computer drawing: Reichel Car Design Should come in 2023: VW ID.1, the new Mini-Stromer from Volkswagen

VW is late and feels the pressure of the competition. Even if for Thomas Ulbrich, the "price seesaw between combustion engine and electric vehicles" and the Lower Saxony with the small Stromer did not advance in price regions, currently difficult for electric vehicles, others like Dacia with the e-crossover jumping electric that for a good 20.000 euros is already available, already facts. In order to convince the cost-conscious electromobilists, the e-flea will have to offer some range and sophisticated technology.

250 kW charging power and wireless updates

A lot should also happen under the cover to keep VW competitive in the future. After all, the competition does not sleep. "The MEB is still too conventional at the moment," admits Thomas Ulbrich. Some are supposed to fix wireless updates. VW is aiming for a charging power of 250 kW and by mid -next year the electromobiles from Wolfsburg should also master bidirectional shops, i.e. become part of the power grid. Then the past should belong to the past. “With a sophisticated battery management, VW wants the legitimate concern that the batteries age when charging and unloading. In addition, software updates should also improve the range.

700 km range from 2025?

But you can’t expect big jumps from it. They then come through an improvement in the MEB modular kit, which should be implemented by around the mid-decade. Then ranges should be possible up to 700 kilometers. The VW Trinity will be based on this MEB EVO in 2026. Then the architecture should have a much higher proportion of aluminum than is the case so far and be significantly easier. Carbon currently plays a role in the planning of Wolfsburg as well as change batteries, as the Chinese car manufacturer Nio uses, for example. But Thomas Ulbrich is not worried about the future of his company. "At some point you also have to earn money with electric cars," the technology board stuck towards the Chinese competition, but adds: "We want to stay technologically at the top and must not rest, otherwise you will fall back in China."

E-car driver VS. Combined driver: Who continues in the year?

VW: revealed! The secret electric models-models

Site E-car driver VS. Combined driver: Who continues in the year?

2026: VW Trinity – without ACCCIS

The key to this top position is digital services and above all a separate operating system (Operation System / OS). "The OS is the backbone for the further evolution cars, the basic genetics of own vehicles are totally important," explains Thomas Ulbrich clear and wipes all speculations VW could join in with other car farmers, from the table. At the same time, the VW board also gives hope to all loading card-plagued electric car drivers: “This will dissolve in three to five years."

Mazda MX-30: The most important ingredient of the Japanese electricity is still missing

VW: revealed! The secret electric models-models

Site Mazda MX-30: The most important ingredient of the Japanese electricity is still missing

A cashier really thinks that when her EC card doesn’t work while paying

VW: revealed! The secret electric models-revealed

Site A cashier really thinks that when her EC card doesn’t work while paying

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  1. Secrets revealed ?
    Yes what now ? VW was gelaked ? Otherwise I’m curious to see how VW the next … Years developed with their battery-only strategy. The market is limited, for some it is feasible if you have a loading option at home. For many (most) it looks dark and they will then continue to drive their old ones instead of running to the VW dealer. The diels can tell what he wants, he can’t force anyone to buy. And then it remains to be seen how nervous you get at VW…….

  2. After the VW group us consumers
    yes already showed in the exhaust gas crisis that other customers such as Z.B. In the United States, I no longer need this group of companies a much higher appreciation than the Germans. I already had several VW, Audi, Porsche in my life, now no longer. And it doesn’t hurt either, other mothers also have beautiful daughters!

  3. No matter how VW its BEV racing cars "pronounced"…
    on their technical weaknesses, "Too low ranges, too long loading times, "low resale value" because "Battery altering and technical-moral wear" Doesn’t change that anyway. VW boss diels has "In one-sided blinker-pious manner" hopeless "In his own BEV world" betrayed, the entire VW group runs the risk of "Refurbishment case for the German taxpayer" to become. He didn’t have to "The management via the core brand VW" As S.G. "Core competence" Give and it is time to finally as a VW boss "completely dissolve", Before the group as a whole "collapsed" and thousands of employees lose their jobs. "Technology openness", also with. "Syn-fuel" and "Bz", Should also be at VW "The bid of the hour" be…

  4. As bad as they do the Bevs…
    from VW, they are now not. However, I didn’t know that an electric car is wearing morally. You always learn about it. By the way: VW is not a 1-man clitsch. If you have decided there against synthetic fuels and fuel cell, then because these bogus alternatives have no chance against BEVS.

  5. Save energy?! Not with electric cars!
    VW and Co do not save the climate of the world with electric drives!Above all: raw material-intensive and disposable vehicles are not the solution!

  6. Vehicles that have a valuable raw material…
    (Oil) are still no longer responsible. By the way: the raw materials used in electric cars are all recyclable. Burned oil is gone.

  7. VW e-up
    2025, 2030, 2035! And later … you don’t live there anymore. We need small electric vehicles already and not only years later. It is completely incomprehensible why VW the electro-up! has thrown out of the program. Just like his pedants from Seat and Skoda. These are cars that really have a future and are also affordable for most people.

  8. The ID7,
    Or whatever the number this big sedan gets is a nice car. But these ID abbreviations are the last. A sonorous name, such as z, belongs to such a car.B. The study of the Phaeton, "Dresden D1".

  9. Surname
    I think ID in VW Language is the abbreviation for the idea. These cars are a new idea that VW now want to follow/realize.

  10. The previous MEB…
    is primarily geared towards the cost -effective production of different series. All vehicles equipped with it have SUV height and are therefore not really efficient. If you want to create a better range, it is not enough to enlarge the batteries and use lighter materials. The shape simply has to become significantly more powerful (as with Tesla and Mercedes SEQ). Only when this is done (in addition to software optimization) will VW be able to lead to electric cars.

  11. Yes well, still.
    In logic it is then a manufacturer (Tesla) which vehicles are building that is less high quality than they could not be leading. What obviously classifies customers as important as pure efficiency. What the VW sales figures here in Europe very clearly prove. In addition, Tesla Model S and Y are like lead in shops that do not exist.

  12. I would like
    A compact car size car that only costs in this area – without a gift from the taxpayer. That is so high that a 70-year-old can get out comfortably. With which I can drive 3 hours of guideline speed on which AB, and then have enough reach to get a charging station safely. That doesn’t take 3 hours when charging. And that is limited to the electronics that I need while driving. As long as this car does not exist, I will continue to drive my current petrol engine.

  13. The egg -laying wool milk sow…
    does not exist yet. If you want a small car at SUV-height, this is only possible with high power consumption, small battery and a low range. You should not orientate yourself to the directional speed. It won’t be long. Quick charging always goes in less than an hour. Play a few hours more or less for the over-night shop with alternating current.

  14. GREAT!
    Why is it kley that nothing works at the moment? Not even burners come back to the streets because China does not deliver " crisps" can! Then this one .. Compare VW stuff with a Tesla?

  15. Made a joke, or Mr. MOller.
    I am also not a VW driver myself. But the fact is at least in Europe the "VW stuff" Sold significantly better than what Tesla builds so. Otherwise you are right, the comparison of VW with Tesla is like beef steak to chicken nuggets. Both are filled with the only thing that is made to the American product and does not last long.

  16. 220kW
    have many performance levels in the site: 220PS, 290PS. The specialist competence of the writer shows up. If you now cover that 220kW are around 300PS, the rest of the article is no longer worth reading.

  17. @Stefan Klaus
    Unfortunately you are right. The site has decreased tremendously. There used to be "Facts, facts; facts", And always think of the reader. It’s been a while. Today only the picture is delivered to the newspaper level. The main thing is to make mood.


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