VW shows E-Bulli study I.D. Buzz in Detroit


VW should definitely build this electric Bulli

Why Trump is making German automakers nervous

Everything that has rank and name is represented at the Detroit Motor Show. The German car manufacturers too, of course. For them, the American market is not an easy one, at least since the VW emissions scandal. Source: Die Welt / Steffen Schwarzkopf


VW’s image couldn’t be worse, especially in the US. Here comes the I.D. Buzz is just right, because it is strongly reminiscent of the greatest popular figure that VW has ever built.

S.you just can’t help it. Because the legendary Bulli is popular and VW can in America need every benevolence, the Lower Saxony are now rolling a minibus study into the spotlight again at the car show in Detroit, which plays with the spirit of yesterday – after the microbusses from 2001 and 2011 and the Budd-e from CES 2016 for the fourth time.

But yesterday the car with the name Buzz was at best the basic idea for the design and the roots that go back to the first VW bus. Everything else builds a bridge to the near future. Because after the compact I.D. Concept from the Paris Motor Show The Microbus 3.0 also uses the architecture of the modular electricity kit, gives a concrete view of the urgently needed battery-powered car from VW and at the same time shows how far this platform can be spread.

During the I.D. from Paris looks as delicate as a Polo, the Buzz is a full-fledged car: The wheelbase is a massive 3.30 meters, from front to rear it’s a total of 4.94 meters. And because the drive disappears into the floor of the car and so all the space is available for children and toddlers, the Bulli of tomorrow offers up to eight seats and even has two luggage compartments.

VW shows E-Bulli study I.D. Buzz in Detroit-e-bulli

The Buzz has two trunks, one in the front and one in the back. The e-bus should travel 600 kilometers with one charge

Source: VW

So you can load between 660 and 4600 liters at the back and another 200 liters of luggage at the front. Still, the Buzz is a handy car, promises VW. Because you can turn the 22-inch model unusually far, the turning circle is less than eleven meters.

Two electric motors on the front and rear axles get the buzz going, which together have 374 hp, accelerate to 150 km / h in just under five seconds and are limited to 160 items. Powered by the lithium-ion batteries in the floor of the car, the Buzz can travel up to 600 kilometers before the 111 kWh are exhausted.

And so that you don’t have to wait so long to continue driving, a 150 kW charger ensures short pit stops: the batteries are 80 percent full within 30 minutes.

VW shows E-Bulli study I.D. Buzz in Detroit-shows

The original Bulli, the VW T1, actually didn’t have to be placed next to the VW Buzz. One notices the similarity that way

Source: VW

The driver’s seat can be rotated 180 degrees

Buzz is different from the I.D. especially in the interior; it is much more consistently tailored to the “pilot mode”. Because when the electronics take over command, the driver no longer has to hold the steering wheel that has mutated into a steering pad.

Instead, he can turn his seat 180 degrees and focus on the people behind it. Especially since there is not much to see in front apart from the landscape anyway. After all, the cockpit works completely without buttons, and the only displays run on the head-up display, which is enriched with augmented reality, like a tablet that can be largely moved freely in the car and even taken outside after the journey.

But even if the silver fish with the yellow belly band shines so nicely into the trade fair audience, in Wolfsburg they will probably not be the very first to build a van on this platform. It’s a shame actually. Such a sympathetic Bulli successor could certainly polish up the battered VW image – especially in the USA.

VW shows E-Bulli study I.D. Buzz in Detroit-shows

Even today you can of course turn the driver’s seat in VW buses – but only when the car is stationary. In the future, this should also be possible while driving

Source: VW

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