VW Supervisory Board: “VW is driving global development of e-mobility forward”

VW Supervisory Board:

Stephan Weil, Prime Minister of Lower Saxony and also a member of the Volkswagen Supervisory Board, said in an interview with the Handelsblatt that VW was “on the right track” with the expansion of electromobility. The manufacturer is “not only part of this global development“, but also “drives it forward properly”. With the ID.3, the first mass-flow car from Wolfsburg, which is intended to continue the history of the Beetle and Golf as a generation-defining vehicle, as well as a number of other electric cars, VW is bringing “very good models onto the market” that are “performing very well in global competition”. be able.

Weil admits that with the switch to electric cars and the increasing degree of automation (which also affects combustion engine production), some jobs will be lost. According to Weil, “ambitious goals are necessary in the fundamental restructuring that the entire automotive industry is going through.”. VW wants to carry out this conversion “on the basis of coordinated planning with all those involved”. The so-called contract for the future, for example, which was concluded between the board of directors and the works council a few years ago, ensures “clarity and security, including long-term protection against dismissal.Jobs should only be lost under “very fair conditions” — for example, by not filling vacancies in a socially acceptable manner by changing jobs or retiring. It is also not the case “that only jobs are deleted. Many jobs are created elsewhere. For example in the areas of battery production, software development and programming.”

No e-cars are currently being produced in Wolfsburg. But according to Weil, that could soon change: “Electromobility will sooner or later also move into Wolfsburg,” says the supervisory board. With the positive starting point of being able to use experiences from the other locations. Weil was “by the way pleasantly surprised that the complicated conversion process has worked quite well so far.”

Weil also doesn’t have the impression that Volkswagen is taking the conversion too slowly. “If I look at the last three years alone, VW is largely a different company today,” said Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister, probably with regard to the wild years after the diesel scandal became known. “This path should be continued with momentum.”

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9 thoughts on “VW Supervisory Board: “VW is driving global development of e-mobility forward””

  1. It is very interesting what is said there: “The so-called contract for the future, for example, which was concluded a few years ago between the board of directors and the works council, ensures “clarity and security, including long-term protection against dismissal.Jobs should only be lost under “very fair conditions” — for example, by not filling vacancies in a socially acceptable manner by changing jobs or retiring.”
    …that sounds pretty good… at least like a kind of defusing of the job threat posed by the upcoming changes in the automotive industry…if you believe that. Incidentally, politics (the state) could also prepare for what is to come, perhaps one will do the same.

  2. VW doesn’t do anything.
    The investment in Ionity is a joke and the new pricing model (when customers actually still have to pay for a subscription) is totally ridiculous!

  3. They should now finally put their words into action. An e-up for over 20.000.00 € is not the big hit. To begin with, we want to see the ID3 delivered in series production and driving on the road. That would be the golf alternative. Then it would be an ID2’s turn as a Polo replacement.
    If it is delivered at a price that the E-Up now has – then that will also be something with VW E-Mobility.

  4. I will boycott VW and their subsidiaries, Martin Hofstetter is right, you can’t treat your customers like that. (nevertheless, VW has sold above average, I don’t understand, but apparently the German wants to continue to be screwed). And now, with our tax money, building an Ionity charger for 79 cents/kW is not possible. Tesla and again Tesla is the measure of all things… People buy Tesla and forget VW. Since autumn 2019 there has been free charging for the Model S or X again and Model 3 costs around 33 cents/kW. Who wants to keep up?? The NRW-Bank gives freelancers or the self-employed a loan for 0% interest, so get on the bacon, 0.5% instead of the 1% rule. Unfortunately, I can’t say anything about private buyers if there is something similar.
    The electrical engineer

  5. Already the 2nd. Sentence in the article > The manufacturer is “not only part of this global development“, but also “drives it forward properly”.< is not sustainable. VW only sells e-UPs and e-Golfs and not in relevant quantities compared to other manufacturers.
    With the ID.3 you have so far only shown what you cannot do. Who is driving whom?.
    In view of the annual profits in the billions, it really shouldn’t be a problem for a few hundred thousand small cars ala ID.2 or 1 like Ralf B. writes across to subsidize. Better batteries can later find their way into the mass market, as described by EffEll, via the upper and middle class, like most new developments up to now.
    Now is the time to act, even if it means losing profits for a few years. Why did Tesla, with a few hundred thousand cars produced per year, overtake VW with 11 million in the same period? Because Tesla is investing in a future-oriented manner and the range of models is constantly being expanded into the mass market.
    VW should take this as an example.

  6. However, it is not that simple. VW is committed to both its employees and its (major) shareholders. You will also be given the ID.3 have to accept depreciation, but this can be cushioned by having to calculate lower CO2 penalties. With a Polo-based BEV, you could compensate for less CO2 emissions than with the ID due to the lower weight.3. Tesla is still not making a significant profit even now, even though the Model 3 is selling well. The ID.3 is also calculated much more aggressively than this one, and the battery cells also have to be delivered while Tesla is already producing some of them itself. Which turns out to be not so easy, as the delivery problems with the EQC show. Volkswagen is the only volume manufacturer that actually dares to make a significant entry into e-mobility. Tesla has overtaken VW in share value as stock markets bet on Tesla’s bankruptcy. Since, contrary to all forecasts, this did not happen, these shares now had to be bought back on a large scale and regardless of their value. This is most likely the reason for the extreme price increase lately. The course will probably now fall again and level off at a more appropriate value. Volkswagen would do well to prepare this entry wisely. Nothing would be more fatal than a false start combined with high depreciation and a price slide. Since Volkswagen is still early when you look at the global big players, this can really work. The battery cell research, production and recycling on German soil in connection with the partnership with Northvolt is the right way for a great future, also in relation to our location, where a lot of the value chain is eliminated in a very short time. Even if the first point was initiated by the workforce with the help of IG Metall and the works council. Acting rashly and headlessly would really not be appropriate at this point. Although I wish it had all happened a few years ago.

  7. Bla bla bla. Always stupid talk. VW is only on the right track when the moon prices for the batteries fall significantly. In addition, as a co-operator of Ionity, VW has pissed itself on the leg. Thousands of euros more for an e-car and then pay significantly more for the electric tank than for petrol or diesel? It doesn’t get any more stupid if you want to help the new generation of vehicles to achieve a breakthrough.

  8. VW is the biggest announcement world champion. What didn’t they announce:
    at the beginning of this year, the ID.3, the e-car for the masses, great. And where is he? Oh, production and delivery problems, now it’s only supposed to come at the end of this year, maybe. Instead, brochures, advertising, advertising everywhere, in every daily newspaper, but exclusively for the new Golf (with a combustion engine, of course). Yes vw developed and developed, but not in new drive technologies, but in new fraud software, even more torn, still waved, still hidden. And they have to, because without this new fraudulent software, they simply cannot meet the new, stricter emission regulations. The new scam software will also be discovered, certainly, but only in several years and, of course, without serious consequences. The main thing is that you made a lot of money during this time and continue to only announce.


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