VW T7 Multivan in the first driving report

Driving report VW T7 Multivan

The new VW Bulli is only available with hybrid drive – that was a bad idea

VW T7 Multivan in the first driving report-first
VW VW T7 Multivan

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With the new T7 Transporter, Volkswagen is moving to the current MQB platform of Golf, Passat and Co. According to the anti-diesel strategy of VW bosses Diess, the diesel flies out. With the Bulli, this is a wrong decision, as the first test shows.

The Volkswagen van has been a bestseller for decades and has long been much more than a pure commercial vehicle. Shopping carts, motorhome, rolling childcare, moving wagon or business room – the possible uses know hardly any limits across borders. However, if the Volkswagen van was consistently a load, which was converted into a family van, it looks different for the first time in the new generation.

VW T7 on a new technology platform

With the switch to the MQB kit, the T7 will be more variable and more comfortable than ever from autumn this year. This wants to enlarge the distance to the Mercedes V-Class, because it had affected the Lower Saxony in the current generation. Unfortunately, the drives have been having a look, because here many customers will look around when looking into the new T7 order lists. Powerful diesel have disappeared and there is no all -wheel drive at all. Volkswagen is completely surprising for such a van on petrol engines and a plug-in drive. After all, it should also become an all -wheel drive with an electric rear axle in two years. The jubilee calls especially from Mercedes and the direct competitors can be heard to Hanover.

VW T7 Multivan in the first driving report-Alpine regions particular already bringing
VW VW T7 Multivan

Diesel and all -wheel drive fall away

With the prices, it even goes down at least adjusted to equipment. The basic version of the 100 kW / 136 hp VW T7 with a normal wheelbase and 1.5 liter four -cylinder petrol engine starts as a 4.97 meter long multivan at 44.839 euros, the better equipped T7 Life costs at least just under 49.000 euros.

VW T7 Multivan in the first driving report-driving
VW VW T7 Multivan

This is also the starting price for the only diesel, which is only added in spring 2022. 150 diesel horsepower with front-wheel drive are then in the top equipment Style at around 61.000 euros. The two stronger petrol engines rank with and without electrical support.

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VW T7 Multivan in the first driving report-driving

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Prices from 44.839 euros

The second.0 TSI with 150 kW / 204 hp costs between 50 depending on the equipment.000 and almost 61.000 euros. The 5.17 meter long XL version (with unchanged wheelbase) costs another 1862 euros and the only front-driven VW T7 plug-in hybrid with 160 kW / 218 hp costs at least 57.174 euros. A successor to the current top model VW 6.1 Multivan Exclusive with its 204 hp all -wheel drive with a double clutch transmission for at least 83.000 euros are no longer available. Interested parties would then have to switch to the identically motorized caravelle or multivan of the previous generation.

VW T7 Multivan in the first driving report-driving
VW VW T7 Multivan

But why does Volkswagen commercial vehicles give up the diesel terrain? After all, around three quarters of all T6 are currently.1 equipped with an efficient diesel. After all, the emphasized commercial customers can have the previous VW T6.1 Order in its known portfolio and thus also with powerful diesel engines, all-wheel drive or California version.

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Better alternative: predecessor generation with diesel

Volkswagen wants to reduce production and development costs with the switch to the MQB kit and also bring the variability of the platform to the supposed commercial vehicles. Diesel are on the siding and you want to rely on electric drives within the group. However, this is not on offer with the VW T7, because this spectrum from the VW ID. Buzz and the ID. Buzz cargo are covered.

VW T7 Multivan in the first driving report-Alpine regions particular already bringing
The ID.Buzz is to debut in late summer 2022 Photo: VW Outlook: VW Bulli – three platforms for the vans

"The T7 has become five centimeters lower compared to its predecessor and we have a flat floor for all models," emphasizes Sales Manager Lars Krause. The individual seats can now be removed and re-installed in a few simple steps. However, the chairs can no longer be turned and the large panorama roof is dispensed with a shadow -giving blind.

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VW T7 Multivan in the first driving report-first

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He is still a space miracle

The basic version of the T7 Multivan takes up 469 liters of luggage up to the roof height behind the third row of seats. Until the second row of seats loads, the volume rises to 1844 liters. If the full loading volume is used to the first row of seats, there are 3672 liters. The corresponding dimensions for the extended body version are 763, 2171 and 4005 liters. The animated cockpit and operation are known from Golf or Arteon. Depending on the version, the rear seats have slimmed down to 23 to 29 kilograms and can now also be heated by a new rail system. To assume that Volkswagen will soon also offer particularly comfortable captain chairs with electrical adjustment, massage and air conditioning. To have only for an additional cost: an electrical operation of sliding doors and tailgate.

VW T7 Multivan in the first driving report-driving
VW VW T7 Multivan

It is unusual that the customers who have spent a lot of money on a well -equipped top model in particular will stay outside and continue their old T6 or change to the competition. Because in addition to the 136 and 204 hp petrol engines, it should be the plug-in hybrid in particular, and you already know that from Golf, Passat and Co.

With plug-in hybrid, two tons heavy

But its 1.4 liter displacement with 110 kW / 150 hp are quite lean for a van more than two tons. The electrical support with the 85 kW / 115 hp electric motor does not change that, which ensures a total output of 160 kW / 218 hp and is fed by a 13 kWh battery in the underbody. Because they only read on paper like the level of a torque -strong diesel. Especially as a popular long -distance family all -purpose transporter, the T7 is therefore out for many loyal customers.

VW does on Audi – if that goes well

VW T7 Multivan in the first driving report-first

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On the other hand, shuttle services that cover short distances can be pleased, because with an electrical range of almost 50 kilometers, it can be driven almost silently and, last but not least, preferred tax. 350 nm maximum torque are decent thanks to additional electroost and the T7 has also brought itself to a completely new level when it comes to driving comfort. There is hardly anything rumbling, even on the broken slopes, although the suspension of the small petrol engines is better than with heavy plug-in hybrids, where the front axle has a somewhat punchy effect.

VW T7 Multivan in the first driving report-driving
VW VW T7 Multivan

When the new family car rolls onto the markets in November after its audience premiere at the IAA, there is no diesel at all and many customers should also shake their heads over it. There is only a diesel in the second quarter of 2022 and then only 150 hp front -wheel driveers. With his drive strategy, VW boss Herbert Diess indirectly makes it clear: either customers switch to hybrid drives – or they have to go to the competition.

Anti-diesel course of the VW boss endangers market opportunities

The people in charge of VW commercial vehicles admit that the markets in the Alpine regions in particular are already bringing to the barricades because there are no diesel and 4Motion drive. And that everyone can make friends with an additional electrical rear axle from 2024 may be doubted. It is not before 2026-with the new statutory Euro 7 requirements-the longing expected 204-hps diesel should also follow-still without all-wheel drive. Less should disturb customers that the manual circuit has had its day. All T7 versions receive a double clutch transmission and a significant reference to the driver assistance systems.The question remains whether Volkswagen does not investigate commercial vehicles and brings further drive options to keep old customers and attract new ones, because at around 25.000 vehicles produced per year should not remain in the medium term. Without real all-wheel drive and strong diesel, you should be difficult to do in some markets and especially the strong Mercedes V-Class a lot of terrain.

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VW T7 Multivan in the first driving report-report

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