VW Taos: The way to Europe is far, but the fans would be happy

Driving report VW Taos 1.5 t sel 4motion

Wildwest T-Roc: When the Taos finds the way to Europe, the VW fans are happy

VW Taos: The way to Europe is far, but the fans would be happy-europe
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  • Site author Stefan Grundhoff

The VW T-Roc, which is so successful in Europe, is not offered in the United States at all. Instead, there are possibilities in the land of unlimited automotive options for the compact SUV called Taos – and this would probably also find its fans in the old world on this side of the Atlantic.

Because at first the VW Taos looks really good. Short overhangs, a 2.68 meter long wheelbase and on a length of just 4.47 meters that is manageable for the United States. In addition, the design with a pithy front and clear elements for light or air between New York and San Diego is always suitable for the masses.

But the TAOS is supposed to attract its US fans not only with its design, but also a solid drive and the low price, because the segment is dominated by crossover from Asia. The new SUV has no direct predecessor at Volkswagen, because the 20.$000 league was served for a long time with the first generation of Tiguan. Built at Karmann in Osnabruck, the Ur-Tiguan was at prices of almost 20.$,000 in the program in addition to the current model – because the necessary entry -level model was missing in the USA.

VW Taos: The way to Europe is far, but the fans would be happy-happy
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VW Taos: The SUV has serious competitors from Asia

This is now the VW Taos and the Subaru, Toyota, Jeep, Honda, Hyundai or Kia. It starts with the front -driven Taos S for almost 23.$,000, while the more popular all -wheel drive at just over 25.000 dollars starts. The top model is the 1.5 t SEL 4MOTION, which is mandatory with all -wheel drive, double clutch transmission and a corresponding comfort equipment, but then 33.$ $ $ And thus wildered one or two US classes over it. Inside there is well-known technology, good workmanship, animated instruments and a central eight-inch screen with navigation function. The seats are not only heated for the USA, but also cooled and electrically adjustable.

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VW Taos: The way to Europe is far, but the fans would be happy-taos

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In addition, there are several USB ports, LED headlights, an adaptive cruise control and an impressive 19-incher, which fit well with the already self-confident appearance of the VW Tao. The cargo space is 705 to 1.700 liters of volume behind the electric tailgate impressive. The electromechanical servo support is very easy, but especially for a US model, there is a surprising amount of feedback from the roadway. Especially in connection with the large 19 inchs, the American drives very sporty and more compact in this class than many of his competitors from Korea, Japan or the USA.

VW Taos: The way to Europe is far, but the fans would be happy-fans
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8.4 liters super at 100 kilometers

A charged four-cylinder, which otherwise does his work in the Jetta US model, ensures the drive. The engine of type EA 211 is 116 kW / 158 hp and a maximum torque of 250 Nm at 1.750 rpm with which the little all -wheel drive is extremely brisk. Despite the slightly larger displacement and the higher performance compared to the EA211 in the jetta, the engine is more economical in consumption. He works in the efficient Miller cycle, in which the inlet valves are closed early in order to reduce fuel consumption. For an engine with a turbocharger, it has a very high compression ratio of up to 11.5: 1. Volkswagen promises a standard consumption of 28 MPG – the equivalent of 8.4 liters of super at 100 kilometers.

VW Taos: The way to Europe is far, but the fans would be happy-taos
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While the front-wheel drive has an eight-speed automatic converter, the well-known seven-stage double clutch transmission works in the all-wheel drive, which is used to do so and in the background. The individually controllable driving programs are hardly noticeable in everyday propulsion. The individual programs are slightly confusing, because there is not only the driving modes of sports, normal, comfort and individual, but also the all -wheel drive on onroad, snow, off -road, and customer off -road.

One of the best vehicles in the segment

During a relaxed journey, the front wheels alone are driven and the rear wheels are decoupled to save fuel. However, the rear wheels can be switched on in a fertilizer, which is activated by an electrohydraulic oil pump if required. A control unit calculates the ideal drive torque for the rear wheels and controls by controlling the oil pump how strongly the slat coupling should be closed.

VW Taos: The way to Europe is far, but the fans would be happy-taos
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The oil pressure increases the contact pressure on the clutch discs proportionally to the desired torque on the rear axle. In this way, the torque between the front and rear wheel can be continuously varied via the contact pressure on the clutch discs. A maximum of 50 percent of the engine output is returned. Let’s see if the US customers give the VW Taos a chance-currently he is probably one of the best vehicles in the segment that the Americans are increasingly loving.

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VW Taos: The way to Europe is far, but the fans would be happy-happy

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Technical data: VW Taos 1.5 t sel 4motion

Motor: loaded four -cylinder

Displacement: 1498 ccm

Performance: 116 kW / 158 hp

Max. Torque: 250 Nm at 1750 rpm

Top speed: 180 km/h

Tank volume: 55 liters

Norm consumption: 8.4 liters / 100 km

Empty weight: 1.556 kg

Pay load: 425 kg

Drive: all -wheel drive

Gears: seven -speed double coupling

VW Taos: The way to Europe is far, but the fans would be happy-taos
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  1. so what ?
    Just show how "green" This semi -governmental group is actually set up. Whose … Chef Labert here from "Electrical" And higher taxes for combustion engines and in other countries there is an SUV in an acceptable price-performance ratio at the super special price and with a real engine. If you don’t feel a bit kidnapped here in Germany ????? Well, here too there are increasingly good to very good competition for this shop……

  2. Does not come to Europe
    In addition to the engine (as already criticized in other comments) for 2021, the car is simply too cheap for the local market and would question the local pricing policy. It is then argued in a proven manner "outdated" Technology that would not be all right to the European requirements. Well, this may be true in terms of consumption, but otherwise buyers have been prescribed for a long time what we need. How is it that so wonderfully unreasonable Americans enjoy an ever broader popularity? Lots of car for narrow money.

  3. Really 8.4?
    Such drunkers are prohibited! 5.4 would be acceptable these days. Is the development at VW 20 years ago? I drive with my vehicle, which does not come from VW, with a real consumption of 4.6 l/100km (diesel). And it would be a little better. 8.4? Really crude!

  4. I do not think so
    Mr. Diess said that VW is now environmentally friendly and is fully relating to electric vehicles. And now new combustion engines are being thrown onto the market worldwide. I don’t think so now that in Germany it is only about subsidies and job cuts. Then VW would be unbelievable. A world breaks down for me.

  5. For a long time
    This is not new now, because VW has been doing it for years that the models are produced dependent on the market. As protection against VW, however, you have to say that other brands do it that way. In Europe, fewer and fewer models are coming due to the extremely strict regulations. Have a look at the offer of the large export rulers Honda or Toyota in the USA compared to Europe.


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