VW: These locations are essential for success in e-mobility

VW: These locations are essential for success in e-mobility-essential

89 billion euros will stuck the VW Group in e-mobility and digitization. Thus, 56 percent of total investments of 159 billion euros flow from the planning round 70 in battery electrical development. Thus, the Group underlines that you want to use your own new car strategy with high pressure wool. For this purpose, the Group relies on the comprehensive electrification of the European locations to raise further synergies and to use economies of scale.

The Lower Saxon locations are experienced alone an investment volume of around 21 billion euros. Here, the vast share of production and component locations flow. This is shown in detail as follows: For the Hanover plant, this is provided that this is fully electrical in the medium term and thus a significant modernization of the location. With the first Artemis vehicle, the currently the most important future project in Hannover is located, the bodywork for a new Bentley model was also confirmed. Of the wider you have with the ID. California adopted another vehicle derivative for the location. In conjunction with the Moia shuttles and the ID. Buzz Ad The Hanover location becomes a spearhead for autonomous driving in the Group.

For Wolfsburg you have made a less exciting decision. Thus, Wolfsburg becomes the location for the project Trinity, as well as planned that due to the high demand for e-cars the machining of the ID.3 planned for a complete production from 2024. Until then, a partial production with supplement from Zwickau was provided. With this plan, the company wants to serve additional market volume, which Zwickau could not fulfill the long-term good utilization forecasts alone.

The German componentworks also continue their transformation initiated in 2015 for e-mobility. In the future, in the future Hannover, in addition to hardware for charging infrastructure also axes for MEB models are manufactured. The works of Braunschweig, Salzgitter and Kassel, on the other hand, are further strengthened in terms of expansion of the existing MEB manufacturing of battery system, rotor / stator and E-engine. In addition, the locations are already preparing for the production of essential components of the SSP platform. This makes Volkswagen the next step in its strategic development to the key supplier for E modules and E-platforms.

With the location Salzgitter Plan VW no less than a European battery stroke to call into life. For this purpose, around two billion euros are invested in order to produce battery cells for the VolumenShagen’s volume segment from 2025 in the Lower Saxony GigaFabrik. Furthermore, the development, planning and production control of the battery activities in Salzgitter should be bundled. For this purpose, the founding of a company of European law was approved under the planning round. This will bundle the battery-related activities of the Group and enable the participation of third parties in perspective.

For the location Osnabruck, a future production program and for Dresden a renewal concept in the Planning Round 71 has been agreed. But that’s not the conclusion. The Group also plan further investments in e-mobility in Germany and Europe. So in the Leipzig plant with two Porsche models, the synergies of the electric PPE kit for the premium area is lifted.

To electrify the location Neckarsulm, the equipment of the Audi vehicle family E6 was decided in the successor generation. The already completely electrified plant in Brussels, from 2026, receives the new Audi Q8 E-Tron, as we were already able to report in advance. On the Iberian Peninsula is planned from 2025 in the multi-brand Martorell compact electric vehicles to build and in the multi-brand in Pamplona e-vehicles of the SUV class.

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