VW Touareg R Hybrid 2020: All information

VW Touareg R Hybrid 2020

The bull from Wolfsburg: Diesel is out, new top model is now a hybrid

VW Touareg R Hybrid 2020: All information-hybrid

Volkswagen Touareg R Hybrid 2020: Bullritt

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Volkswagen does not position his hybrid Touareg R over the range, but as a beefy power man, which can also pay attention to consumption and drive purely electrically.

So far, the 421 hp VW Touareg with its beefy V8 diesel has been the undisputed top model in the model range of the Wolfsburger. Officially there is now a new chief that tries to impress potential customers with 340 kW / 462 hp and 700 Nm maximum performance. However, the VW Touareg must make do with the well-known three-liter V6 with the image-prone R-Signet at the rear and the expected sporty ambitions, which produces 250 kW / 340 hp and is already used in numerous group models.

V6 petrol engine instead of V8 diesel-but with electric boost

However, the V6 turbo in the R-Hybrids of the Touareg is supported by an electric motor that provides a further 100 kW / 136 hp and has already helped the Audi A8 PHEV to be sporty genes in a similar form.

VW Touareg R Hybrid 2020: All information-information
Volkswagen VW Touareg R Hybrid

The electric motor in the gear tunnel of the ZF Echtgang automatic is fed by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 14.1 kWh. Performance electronics converts the direct current of the battery package into alternating current for the electric motor while driving.

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VW Touareg R Hybrid 2020: All information-information

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Elaborate all -wheel drive

In addition to the eight-speed automatic, the VW Touareg R has a distribution gear on the front and rear axles as well as a self-locking Torsen middle differential with dynamic moments distribution. As a result, depending on the driving style, driving program and grip of the covering, up to 70 percent of the drive power reaches the front or 80 percent to the rear axle.

VW Touareg R Hybrid 2020: All information-hybrid
Volkswagen VW Touareg R Hybrid

The plug-in hybrid can drive 140 km/h in an electrically electrical manner and the range without a combustion engine is likely to be around 50 kilometers. The sports SUV weighing over 2.5 tons is electronically sealed off at 250 km/h. The individual driving programs – from sporty to purely electrically – can be controlled in the cockpit at the push of a button.

VW does on Audi – if that goes well

VW Touareg R Hybrid 2020: All information-information

Site VW does on Audi – if that goes well

Without local emissions to the city

In contrast to other plug-in hybrids, the charging level of the lithium-ion battery can be actively controlled via the multifunctional screen. In hybrid mode, the driver has the option of keeping the charging stand on three symbols in addition to the battery display, increasing in 20 percent steps or letting it drop to a defined level. If necessary, the charging level is loaded by the combustion engine and the recuperation according to the preset level on the scale. In order to secure the desired energy content in the battery at the destination – for example the journey in the city center, the on -board electronics take a foresighty street and topography data with an active target management of the navigation system.

VW Touareg R Hybrid 2020: All information-2020
Volkswagen VW Touareg R Hybrid

Just like the other Touareg models, there are the well-known driving programs Sport, Comfort or Normal, Eco and individual as well as the terrainodi off-road and snow. With the optional equipment package off -road, there is not only underride protection, but also the two other driving modes gravel and sand. The reversing aid trailer assist as well as animated instruments, heated leather seats, 20 ZOller, LED matrix headlights, four-zone control automatic and panorama roof are standard as standard. Market launch for the VW Touareg R Hybrid is in the second half of the year. The price has not yet been determined.

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