VW-Up competitors: The best cars under 10,000 euros


The best cars under 10,000 euros

VW-Up competitors: The best cars under 10,000 euros-Dacia Source Dacia Source Dacia

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Angular instead of cute, the Chevrolet Spark drives the world for a four-digit euro amount.

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VW-Up competitors: The best cars under 10,000 euros-vw-up

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The Suzuki Alto is the price breaker among the little ones. with air conditioning and ESP it remains under 10,000 euros.

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VW-Up competitors: The best cars under 10,000 euros-competitors

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The Toyota Aygo shares the technical basis with the Citroen C1 and Peugeot 107. But the Japanese is cheaper than its European siblings.

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VW-Up competitors: The best cars under 10,000 euros-best

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The Fiat Panda is the first choice for those who need a lot of space,…

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VW-Up competitors: The best cars under 10,000 euros-competitors

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…its brother Fiat 500 uses the same technology, but is significantly more expensive.

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VW-Up competitors: The best cars under 10,000 euros-competitors

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The scrapping bonus turned the Hyundai i10 from a niche product into a bestseller. A three-year guarantee is a good selling point for a car that costs less than 10,000 euros.

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VW-Up competitors: The best cars under 10,000 euros-cars

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And also the new Up! VW offers for a little less than 10,000 euros. However…

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VW-Up competitors: The best cars under 10,000 euros-euros

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…its group siblings are technically identical and even cheaper: the Seat Mii…

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VW-Up competitors: The best cars under 10,000 euros-cars

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…and the Skoda Citigo, which will probably be the cheapest of the three.

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If you are only looking for a car for the city, you often decide: the price has to be in four digits. And there is a lot of choice in this category.

E.in new car … but it shouldn’t cost a lot. For those who do not want status, but simply want a wheelchair, 10,000 euros mark an important sound limit. VW has also calculated the new Up in such a way that it remains at least just under four digits at 9850 euros.

With the upcoming small car, the manufacturer is likely to pursue the goal of becoming number one in the registration statistics in the segment – just as its predecessor Fox had already done.

But the mission is unlikely to be a sure-fire success. Because other established small cars are also available for four-digit amounts. Here is a selection of the most important offers.

1. The price breakers

With a base price of 8990 euros, the Suzuki Alto is one of the cheapest small cars on offer in Germany. This also applies to the identical sister model Nissan Pixo. And even with reasonable equipment, ESP, air conditioning and six airbags, the Japanese still remains just below the 10,000 euro limit. Only one engine is available. But the three-cylinder gasoline engine with 68 hp is a lively fellow and is completely sufficient for city traffic.

2. The triplets

Another concept that is marketed under several brand names: Peugeot 107, Citroen C1 and Toyota Aygo may look different, but they share the technical genes and even run from the same band. At 8990 euros, the 68 hp three-cylinder Aygo is the cheapest in the trio.

However, the basic version only has three doors and spartan equipment. If you want air conditioning, CD radio and anti-skid ESP, you get at least 10,435 euros. The background to the leveling out at Toyota and PSA is of course economic in nature. Margins are low in the small car sector, and joint developments save money.

3. The character head

In the first generation, the Renault Twingo with its cute bulging eyes had already turned heads. The factual successor then disappointed many. But after the previously announced facelift in early 2012, the little Frenchman with his four-eyed face will be an eye-catcher again.

The well-known advantages are retained: the three-door model is one of the most mature, spacious and variable in its class. It remains to be seen whether points of criticism such as the callous steering and the lack of series ESP will be resolved during the facelift. The price of just under 10,000 euros for the 75 hp four-cylinder basic version should stand.

5. Mr. Spacious and Dr. Nice

With the third generation of the Fiat Panda, the VW Up at the turn of the year a competitor who was also completely redrawn. As in the predecessor, the box-shaped passenger cabin and the high roof of the approximately 3.50 meter long five-door car provide plenty of space that does not have to hide from the larger car. Thanks to the fine-tuning of the body design, the Italian will no longer appear in the commercial vehicle style in the future, but the price will probably remain just under 10,000 euros.

There is also high-tech in the form of an elaborately designed two-cylinder engine with variable valve control and, in some cases, turbocharging. The 0.9-liter engine will also be used in the Fiat 500, which currently shares the technical platform with the Panda. However, the 500 is financially one category higher with at least 11,400 euros – the retro chic has its price. So it will compete with the more elegantly equipped Up versions.

6. The climber

He was one of the winners of the scrapping bonus. Previously little known niche model, the Hyundai i10 suddenly became a top seller in its class. And even after the government’s purchase subsidy has expired, the little Korean is still in the top 5 list. This was also ensured by the facelift from the beginning of 2011, thanks to which the five-door model appears to be at the front. He also pleases with a good amount of space and a good level of comfort, on the other hand, the safety equipment with four airbags and without ESP is at most average.

The basic version with 69 hp from four cylinders is available from 10,290 euros. However, there is no five-year guarantee, as is usual with other Hyundai, for the smallest.

But three years is still more than most of the competition.

7. The extrovert

The ghosts argue about its appearance. But he is definitely a face in the crowd: Sharp-edged features and large, slotted headlights ensure recognition and give the Chevrolet Spark a dash of aggressiveness. The five-door model also sets its own accent in the interior with its digital speedometer.

And beyond the show, there is substance: good space, maneuverability and proper standard equipment are among the advantages of the American made in Korea. However, ESP costs extra. Those who do without it start at 9140 euros for the model with the 68 hp four-cylinder petrol engine. The guarantee is three years.

8. The siblings

There is plenty of competition for the VW Up – and some of it even comes from in-house. The identical models Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii are technically the same, but will probably start around 1000 euros under the Up. With less equipment, such as ESP or power steering, but every euro counts in the small car class.

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