VW wants to become the market leader in e-mobility up to 2025

VW wants to become the market leader in e-mobility up to 2025-2025

Already in the run-up to the planning round 70 of the VW Group, it was hot. Not least because of the personnel Herbert this, which has experienced a little relaxation. On the subject of e-mobility, VW gives even more pressure on the boiler. At the latest 2025 you wool the market leader in this area. For this purpose, the competitiveness of the Group is strengthening through higher investments in future technologies.

This is already reflected in the fact that the future investment, primarily in e-mobility and digitization, accounts for 89 billion euros or 56 percent, the largest share of total investment of 159 billion euros. Volkswagen expects every fourth vehicle sold in 2026 has a battery electric drive. Hans-Dieter POtsch, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG, is to be understood: “Today’s decisions show what vehemence we promote the transformation of the Volkswagen Group. With our investments, we focus on all major future fields of mobility and consistently implement the Group’s strategy.”

In addition, POtsch performs that VW can shoulder this investment as the Group rests on a financially robust and solid starting point. This makes it possible to put the investments from our own power. “89 billion euros in the next five years alone in future technologies such as electromobility and digitization – this is a clear commitment. Thus, the New Car Strategy can be a great success, “said Lower Saxony Prime Minister and Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG, Stephan Weil to the plans.

He emphasizes that the “89 billion euros in the next five years alone in future technologies such as electromobility and digitization”, a clear commitment. It is also the fact that “21 billion euros in the Lower Saxon locations in Wolfsburg, Hannover, Braunschweig, Salzgitter, Osnabruck and Emden” are a clear sign that “the world group Volkswagen is committed to his Lower Saxony roots. We look forward to this strong signal for securing around 130.000 jobs “, so because finally.

With regard to the financial key figures, the Group’s 2025/2026 plan with an operating consolidated return on sales in a bandwidth of 8 to 9 percent. At the same time, the share of expertise and development costs in the automotive sector should be reduced to around 11 percent. The adjusted net cash flow in the automotive sector (before M&A and diesel drains) should be more than 15 billion euros per year in 2025/2026.

The planning round was revealed that the Group further increased the share of future technologies to total expenditure until 2026 to 56 percent. Overall, around 89 billion euros are planned for e-mobility, hybridization and digitization, an increase of 16 billion euros compared to the Planning Round 69. One justifies the increased investment requirement through the accelerated startup of e-mobility in the context of the Green Deal and in the construction of own battery giga factories and vertical integration in the battery value chain.

Investment and development costs for e-mobility were raised by around 50 percent in the planning round 70 to 52 billion euros. The clear focus on an accelerated BEV startup, in return, enables reducing spending on bridge technology hybridization by around 30 percent to 8 billion euros. Overall, the proportion of BEV vehicles from today around 5-6 percent should grow to around 25 percent in 2026,.

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5 thoughts on “VW wants to become the market leader in e-mobility up to 2025”

  1. “Volkswagen expects every fourth vehicle sold in 2026 has a battery electric drive.”That seems very realistic to me, since the burners will go back massively. Questions only, who then is the market leader???

  2. I think you do not want to be the market leader in 2025, but it is inevitably the result. This results from the number of cars sold worldwide and the planned electrical component. In the same size is only Toyota and they were known to be discovered by the topic of electric cars themselves from the race. Since VW now attracts extremely and with ID.3, 4/5, 6 and ID.Buzz, whose California variant was adopted today, has four lines on Kiel, should not be able to catch up with large competitors such as Hyundai and GM, but rather fall behind.

  3. Point 1:
    I really wish every manufacturer of pure BEV only the best – not only the CO2 balance because of it but above all the better air quality in our living environment – you think there only on old parking garages.

    Point 2:
    He goes to all doubters to Hater of Tesla (to David and Egon in particular)
    Please determine how many Teslas the “niche manufacturer” will produce Tesla 2025: We will then be this here in the forum every year on 31.12. check the year in question and then at the end of 2025.

    • The total number of all produce vehicles from Tesla worldwide
    • The number in the previously producing individual factories
    • 2021 (Freemont & Shanghai) 850000?
    • 2022 (Freemont, Shanghai, Austin, Berlin)
    • 2023 ……..+ ?
    • 2024 …….. + ?
    • 2025 …..? ….+ ?…..

    Everyone here in the forum may appreciate, advise, modeling, ……. fantasize &# 128521;

    I once very relaxed 7000000 as a target worldwide produced Teslas in 2025 in the ring – now since her on the train &# 128521;

    And please do not forget the number of VWS produced worldwide &# 128521;

    Time wants Tell

    PS: I think that David’s fairy tale will look pretty ridiculous from the “niche manufacturer Tesla”

    Top The bet applies &# 128578;
  4. With the planned quantities, market leadership could be short.
    25% of the cars produced should be 2025 BEVs. That would be at the current exhaust of the Group of 9 mils. Vehicles 2.25 mil. and at the all-time high of 11 mils. 2.75 mil.

    Since Tesla 2025 could be done. Already next year the significantly more than 1 mil., rather 1.5 mils. Cars can produce vehicles. That year there will be about 900.000.

  5. Since I just stumble about this message:

    https: // http://www.Electrive.NET / 2021/12/10 / VW-Takes-Fur-Chinese-Manufacturer-in-CO2 pool-on /

    Question to all VW Fanboys please tell me that once?
    And please do not have me with the chip crisis Tesla not sold in China not somehow cars – quite many even

    &# 128521;


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