VW wants to enclose power struggle: Herbert this remains CEO

VW wants to enclose power struggle: Herbert this remains CEO-enclose

The dispute between the CEO of the Volkswagen Group, Herbert this, and the powerful works council of the company seems to be enclosed, thus a source familiar with the matter. It is planned that VW brand chief fire stafer gets a greater operational role, while this will focus on the Group’s strategy.

Volkswagen Group Chief Herbert This has no easy stand these days. With the works council, there was between for a statement for job reduction. More precisely, it has been quite wild in the VW Group since then. This means that VW boss Herbert was not present at an important meeting of the peaks of the Supervisory Board. Not surprising, it was about the whereabouts of his person at VW. Here, a solution seems to have been found. The 63-year-old this will probably keep his job. For Reuters, an insider expressed itself as follows: “It’s in the direction that the dispute is enclosed and this remains the CEO.”

As part of the solution, VW brand chief Ralf Brandstatter will become a member of the Management Board and this will focus on the strategy, the insider continues. In appropriate media reports, it was already said last month that fire stavers will take over the responsibility for the mass market trademark group. For this you count the brands VW, Skoda and Seat. The whole thing is definitely decided at the latest on Thursday.

Because then in the VW Supervisory Board meeting, the five-year investment plan is to be decided. Here you will certainly need someone like this to bring the group forwards. The Porsche-Piech, majority owner of VW, supports this against the pressure of the unions to dismiss him, so German press reports on Monday. However, employee representatives hold half of the seats in the VW Supervisory Board, which gives them a strong saying. You will have to wait for how firmly this is actually sitting in the saddle.

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4 thoughts on “VW wants to enclose power struggle: Herbert this remains CEO”

  1. From the article:

    “However, employee representatives hold half of the seats in the VW Supervisory Board, which gives them a strong saying.”

    That has already led to Masive problems earlier:

    the VW corruption affair is a bribery affair known in July 2005. From the company management of the Volkswagen Group, members of the works council with financial benefits, luxury travel and services of prostitutes have been brought and corrupted in their decisions.

    The former personnel council Peter Hartz, the former works council chairman Klaus Volkert, as well as Helmuth Schuster, the former personnel council of VW subsidiary Skoda, were legally condemned.

    (Source: Wikipedia.Org “VW corruption affair”)

  2. Since Hr. This at the rudder is sitting forward with VW.
    A works council needs and employer interests to represent, but not to decide to align the company.

    If it had already given works councils in the horse’s energies, carriages and horses, they would still drive with horses and carriages today.

    The works council forgets too often that it only goes together and if the company does not earn any more money, there are no jobs.

    I wish Mr. This continues to succeed.

    It remains exciting


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