VW wants to start construction of e-cars in China

VW wants to start construction of e-cars in China-china

The automobile manufacturer Volkswagen is clearly expanding its production capacities for electric vehicles in China. In his third Chinese electric car plant in Anhui, the production will start at the end of 2023. This reports “world on Sunday” citing different sources.

Two factories specializing in e-cars in Foshan and Anting are already in operation. “This means that our annual NEV production capacity in 2023 up to 900.000 units will be, “quotes the leaf a speaker. With NEV (New Energy Vehicle), China’s government refers to cars with electric drive. These include vehicles with hybrid technology.

Most recently, the brand VW has missed its goal, in 2021 between 80.000 and 100.000 pure electric cars for sale in China, it is called in the message. The brand came to only about 77.100 sold e-cars – the entire VW Group set a total of 92.700 fully electric cars in China.

The President of the European Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, JOrg Wuttke, calculates according to the “World on Sunday” with a sharper competition through Chinese automobile marks. Competition Level the business is quoted Wuttke. “The Chinese government certainly has a great deal of interest to strengthen domestic brands, especially with regard to global markets. The competition will surely increase, but especially German companies are well prepared to deal with the challenge.”

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  1. Is this also agreed with the Wolfsburger works council chairman Cravallo? Has she devised that in the future workstations in D are eliminated?


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