VW will charge automatically from 2022: Plug & Charge


Plug & Charge

Status: December 17, 2021

VW will charge automatically from 2022: Plug & Charge-clever guide your mobile phone almost

VW is making the ID fit for Plug & Charge

Source: VW

Plug in and go – VW’s ID models will have a plug from 2022-&-Charge technique. But it doesn’t work everywhere at first.

S.P-X / Wolfsburg. VW makes its ID models 2022 Plug-&-Charge-ready. When charging at public pillars, customers with a VW charging contract no longer need manual authentication using a charging card or app; the vehicle and power source automatically recognize each other. Billing takes place as usual via the manufacturer’s "We Charge" service. First of all, the plug works-&-Charge charging, however, only on columns from Ionity, Aral, BP and Eon. Further partners are to follow.

The plug-&-Charge service is based on the industry standard ISO-15118 and is also used by other automakers. So far, however, the number of suitable vehicles and pillars is still small. In the future, however, automated charging is likely to prevail to a large extent.

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