VW will exit the combustion engine business in 2035

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That goes for Europe – it will take longer in the US and China

VW will exit the combustion engine business in 2035-combustion

Jaguar does not want to sell any combustion engines as early as 2025, while Ford, Volvo and Mini have named the year 2030 and Audi recently announced the year 2033. Now the Volkswagen brand has also expressed itself: VW wants to get out in 2035. That emerges from an interview by VW sales manager Klaus Zellmer with Munchner Merkur.

However, the brand does not want to end the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles everywhere at the same time, but first in Europe:

"In Europe we will exit the combustion engine vehicle business between 2033 and 2035, in the USA and China a little later."

In South America and Africa it should take a good bit longer because of "the still missing political and infrastructural framework conditions".

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Zellmer also sees differences within Europe: "There will be markets in which only battery-electric vehicles will be allowed earlier, think of Norway. And there will be markets in which battery-electric vehicles would make little ecological sense, because the electricity will also be generated primarily from coal in the future. "

And: "In the end, the freedom of choice always rests with the customer." This sentence seems to contradict what was said earlier. Because so far the demand in 2035 can only be forecast. Zellmer presumably means: VW assumes in its planning that combustion engines will be sold by 2035. Political and demand-related shifts in the next 14 years cannot be ruled out.

When withdrawing from combustion technology, VW as an international brand also has to keep an eye on the markets outside of Europe, where the political guidelines are not so clear, said Zellmer. In Europe, VW expects an electric car quota of 70 percent of sales in 2030.

However, VW currently only has two e-cars in its range, the ID.3 and the ID.4. On the other hand, there are 15 model series that are only offered as combustion engines or, if need be, as plug-in hybrids. And that doesn’t even include commercial vehicles. However, CEO Herbert Diess has quite clearly committed himself to electromobility, including at VW Power Day.

Mercedes boss Ola Kallenius is aiming for a combustion engine phase-out by 2039 at the latest, but probably sooner. BMW, on the other hand, refuses to give a specific end date, but assumes that every second BMW by 2030 will be an electric car.

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VW will exit the combustion engine business in 2035-exit Mercedes is preparing to cut the combustion engine in 2030

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