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The European automotive industry had to struggle with falling sales in September: Markanalyst Jato Dynamics has 25 percent less new registrations than in September 2020. Tesla boss Elon Musk should currently not care, because his model 3 (S. Test video) was the best-selling car in Europe in September-across all drive types.

The new registrations fell to 964 compared to the same month of the previous year compared to the same month of the previous year.800 units sold. Felipe Munoz, global analyst at Jato Dynamics, comments on the fact: "Due to the lack of chip, the dealers continue to have problems with the availability of new cars. Since many consumers are not willing to wait more than a year for a new car, they have turned to the used car market."

According to Jato Dynamics data, the 26 European markets performed better over the previous year than in the previous year that was even more battered by the Corona pandemic, but the gap has decreased: at the end of the first half of 2021, the overall approval was 27 percent higher than in first half of 2020. However, the figures until September show that this distance has decreased to only 7 percent. "This year the industry reacted well to pandemic, but it now faces new challenges in the supply chain", explains Felipe Munoz. "The growing popularity of electric cars is encouraging, but sales are not yet strong enough to compensate for the strong declines in other segments."

Ironic: electric car manufacturers benefit from the chip crisis

According to Jato, car manufacturers are less affected by the current crisis with a strong plug-in and electrical portfolio, since European consumers continue to use the subsidies offered for electrified vehicles. In a blatant contrast to this, both the chip shortage and the climate crisis have dropped the sales of diesel vehicles. In September, the electric cars and plug-in hybrids recorded a monthly increase from 44 percent to 221.500 units, while the approvals of diesel vehicles by 51 percent to 167.000 units went back.

Before the pandemic, 10.3 newly approved diesel vehicles came to each electrical or plug-in hybrid vehicle. Today this relationship has dropped to only 1.3. Jato expert Munoz explains: "Shifts of this extent are rare, and a number of factors have contributed to the current state of affairs. In addition to the incentives, the car manufacturers have expanded their offer with more models and better offers, and many shift their limited range of semiconductors to the production of electric vehicles instead of combustion vehicles."

Tesla in September as a big winner

The big winner of this electric boom: Tesla with the Model 3. In September, the Stromer led the European model ranking with 24.600 approved units, which corresponds to a market share of 2.6 percent. The company around Elon Musk creates two premieres: This is both the first time that an electric car is leading the market, as well as the first time that a vehicle that has been produced outside of Europe takes first place.

According to Jato, the strong performance of the Model 3 is almost traditional, intensive sales boost at the end of the quarter by Teslas. September accounts for an average of 68 percent of Tesla’s third quarter since 2018. Since entering the European market, the Model Y has also cut off well and secured second place in the ranking of battery -electric cars.

With the success of these two models, Tesla leads the electric car market with a share of 24 percent, even before the Volkswagen Group with a 22 percent market share, Stellantis [u. A. Fiat, Citroën, Peugeot, Opel; Note. D. Red.] with 13 percent and Hyundai-Kia with almost 11 percent. Tesla was therefore able to allow more new cars than established brands such as Fiat, Nissan or Seat.

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