VW: Wishes to Federal Government – Focus on e-mobility

VW: Wishes to Federal Government - Focus on e-mobility-government

Volkswagen Group Chief Herbert This was finally commented on the new corporate strategy with a clear focus on electromobility, as the drive turns developed in various markets and regions and what is currently the most important topics for the future of individual mobility. With regard to the current coalition formation of the new Federal Government he expresses his wishes for a green future as a linguist of the VW Group.

This is meant to address ten wishes, which one already knows from the recent reporting for the VW Group. Say, the corporate boss of VW does not come with new wishes around the corner, but would like to deliberately talk this again. It quickly becomes clear that these – fully comprehensible – support the Group’s e-mobility strategy, but also not so operated for other manufacturers:

  1. CO2 price of 65 € per ton already in 2024. Only noticeable measures promote the decarbonization.
  2. End subsidies for fossil fuels. Exit from the coal.
  3. Expansion of renewable energies at least 255 GW in 2030. 24/7 green flow through faster network expansion.
  4. Focusing of company cars on vehicles with electric drive.
  5. Provide buying premium for electric vehicles and gradually reduce until 2025.
  6. Load How to refuel: Massively promote and remove charging infrastructure for cars and trucks. Define mandatory goals for fast-loading.
  7. Green hydrogen is precious and energy-intensive. Is urgently needed for green steel and for decarbonization of industries such as chemicals and cement.
  8. Make cities viable. Promotion for bicycles, e-bikes and electrified car sharing services. Ridepooling equal to the public transport.
  9. Fair and secure access to vehicle data now rules. Ensure vehicle and cyber security.
  10. Autonomous driving is our future – nationwide 5g.

With his wishes, the VW Group Board plays again on climate change, which is certainly the biggest challenge of humanity in the coming decades. Due to the almost unrestrained burning of coal, oil and gas – to large parts due to the transport sector – the climate change is increasingly accelerated. “In order to secure the individual mobility, we must decarit the transport sector by electrification with green energy, which requires a rapid cross-sectoral work and vote,” said VW CEO Herbert this in the context of a keynote of the Munich Leitmesse “IAA New Mobility” in early September. Underlines this through his wishes and thus seems to contribute to his part.

Not only electric vehicles for him / VW Group are in focus. But as listed above, the general individual mobility should be considered. Because of course, this does not want us to go on all walking: “It is a special concern to us that we receive the individual mobility, the freedom of movement by car, and remains affordable for the people.”. Especially because it is a basic need of humans to be movable, as he gave to understand the IAA.

Likewise, the “expansion of renewable energies is at least 255 GW in 2030. 24/7 green stream through faster network expansion “, an absolute must to drive the decarbonization of traffic. Even the increase in the CO2 price to 65 euros per ton appears for all advantageous. For this purpose, the reference to Sweden is allowed, which are considered the flagship of CO2 consumption. This is, among other things, that you have changed very quickly to a CO2-free power generation and has introduced a high CO2 price. This led to a preferences shift of consumers. Since then, CO2 emissions have been in Sweden only 4.2 tonnes per capita without affecting the standard of living. And despite these measures, it is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. According to this, the current consumption in Germany loses 8.4 tonnes of CO2 per capita, China at about seven tonnes and the USA at 16 tonnes. Potential therefore seems clear.

If it goes to Herbert this, the future of mobility takes place in better harmony with nature and the environment. However, by the wishes of the VW Group, he also clearly understands that it can only succeed if the willingness to change and a common procedure of politics, economics and society takes place.

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5 thoughts on “VW: Wishes to Federal Government – Focus on e-mobility”

  1. I’ll go crazy, Greenpeace hacked the account of this? All ten points go completely in order for me, but do not sound like the opinion of the group chief of one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. But, yes, VW is progressing! Crazy!

  2. If you do not create it from our own strength, it is always good if the policy helps. When is the last burner running at VW from the band? So much for climate protection. So much for the PR blessing to VW Art. The dieselgate is only a schand stain at VW & Co. But if theory and practice differ to the masses, unfortunately I can not detect spark credibility at VW. Paper is patient, the climate is no longer.

  3. The statement of this is in contradiction to the current consolidated strategy. For the willingness of change also includes a concrete exit date for combustion and hybrid. Affordable E cars for normal earners would have to come now and not only four years, the capacities
    There are available. But you want to make checkout with premium vehicles. Willingness
    The company for change is available, see parent election, only the willingness of politics
    and economy is poor.

  4. All right u, why I get at VW but not a aiming e-car that <Is 4m long, <1,66BREIT, <1200kg weighs? An A2 from 1999 modern electrified would be my dream. The ugly overweight clumsy vehicle with the unnecessary large bonnet, the aggressive terrain optics (which are called completely contrary to SUV) consume much too many resources. They disrupt in the city as well as in the country U should only be reserved for a small part V traders (there they make partW. Sense).

  5. It is absolutely welcome when a CEO makes so concrete statements.
    But unfortunately the somewhat underheard and thread appearance, considering the current VW policy in the US, where the resumption of the “fit saving program” is coming up. Money still seems to be the most important thing here.


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