VW Wolfsburg becomes the core of the project Trinity

VW Wolfsburg becomes the core of the project Trinity-project

Lower Saxony is considered in the planning round 70 of the VW Group with Investments in billions. In particular, the Molfsburg parent plant should be massively transformed. In doing so, no less for the Wolfsburg plant has planned to become trinity considered as the focus of the Group. To lead the brand and the entire Group into a new age of e-mobility.

The project Trinity was confirmed for the Wolfsburg site and an examination of other derivatives within the scope of the next planning round. Daniela Cavallo, Total and Consolidated Council Chairman, arranges this decision as follows: “With the decisions of the planning round, our Group rejects that we are hand in hand with consistent transformation and sustainable perspectives for employment security. As an employee side in the Supervisory Board, we evaluate the projects of the planning round expressly as exactly the right plan in these highest unsafe times: Volkswagen delivers – and we will continue to make the change successfully.”

Concretely planned that the traditional headquarters is a central role in the transformation of the Group. Herbert this, CEO of the VW Group, gives to understand “only if Wolfsburg is successful, we can secure our strong position in the long term.”Make a new identity with the Wolfsburg plant with the project Trinity. The goal of Wolfsburg is to make a sustainable location “with efficient group management, two E manufacturing, a highly modern research and development center and the construction and expansion of further future fields”, so this continues.

With the project Trinity, for which a factory is considered outside the current factory area, an innovative and competitive battery-electric and Level 4-enabled next-generation car is to be created and simultaneously establish the production of sustainable. In addition, it is planned to build a second modern E-production on the current factory premises until 2030. The location is supplemented by the most modern research and development center in Europe, the Campus Sandkamp. With the ID.3 Bring another model to Wolfsburg, this is to run from the band from 2024 in complete production. Previous 2024 a partial production with supplement from Zwickau is provided.

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2 thoughts on “VW Wolfsburg becomes the core of the project Trinity”

  1. If the factory is planned outside the current factory area, then I’m curious how the Green League of the Confederation and the other “environmental protection associations” will behave as if it is not a “foreign” company.
    Trees, bats, Schlingnattern and water scarcity should be allegedly outside of Brandenburg – you may be curious &# 128521;

  2. From the article:

    “In doing so, the Wolfsburg plant was provided […] the center of the kProject paid projects To become trinity.”

    For me, it looks like this (in the article a little consculant) sentence as it should now be the group business council now one Grapple for the sale (not least but economically necessary!) Reduction of the number of employees be glued &# 128539;


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