VWS “Electric superplatform” SSP as a basis for more than 40 million. vehicles


The VW Group continues to evolve. Continue towards e-mobility. But also away from the own MEB platform, which is currently for own strometers in the Group and outside, for example. Used at Ford. Furthermore, the PPE platform of Audi / Porsche in the room, which seems to be written off again. Because the future at VW is called Scalable Systems Platform (SSP). The Volkswagen Group wants to produce 40 million vehicles on the new electrical “superplatform“, which should replace the platforms with internal combustion engine and fully electric drive with its brands VW, Skoda, Seat, Audi and Porsche.

With the SSP (Scalable Systems Platform), the next-generation Volkswagen Mechatronics platform, the complexity will gradually decline. As a succession platform of the three burner architectures MQB, MSB, MLB, as well as the E-car platforms MEB and PPE, SSP will promote the consolidation of today’s platforms: three ICE platforms are initially reduced to two BEV platforms, finally one Single architecture for the entire product portfolio. From 2026, the Group wants to start the production of pure electric cars on the SSP. This next vehicle generation will be fully electrically, fully digitally and highly scalable. Over the entire service life, more than 40 million vehicles are planned on the new Mechatronics platform. As already in the MEB, the SSP should also be accessible to other car manufacturers.

The future is thus SSP; if not for everyone. Porsche does not turn on it, at least not quite. There you first set to the PPE platform. It is planned that next year, the Group’s first vehicles based on the Premium Platform Electric (PPE), which was developed by Audi and Porsche, brings together with more acceleration, higher ranges and shorter loading times on the street. The first model, which uses the PPE platform, will be the fully electric Porsche Macan SUV, which goes into production in the second half of the next year. The first PPE vehicle from Audi will be the Q6 E-TRON SUV, a sister model of the Macan eV. SSP is intended to replace the MEB platform of the VW Group currently in fully electric cars such as the VW ID.3, the VW ID.4, the Skoda Enyaq and the upcoming Audi Q4 E-Tron Compact is used. “SSP will be the only backbone for the Group by 2035,” says VW Group Chief Herbert.

To improve and accelerate his Mechatronics platform competencies, the Group wants to invest around 800 million euros in a new center for technical development in Wolfsburg, where the heart of the SSP and its modules will arise. In connection with the SSP platform, the development leader of the VW Group, Markus Duesmann, who is also Audi boss, to the concerns of Porsche. So Duesmann shows that the design of the SSP platform with its different modules, battery levels and body lengths will allow a large brand differentiation.

“There will be no one size for all. We can nevertheless respond to specific vehicles and brand requirements by combining the various modules. In view of the scalability of the modules, Porsche will be able to offer a special performance version for the highest specifications.”- Markus Duesmann, development leader VW Group

The use of a single platform would mean a simpler integration of complex elements such as software and electrical architectures, which brings valuable savings. “We will reduce today’s complexity by about 50 percent. And I think you can understand what this means for us in terms of scale effects, “says duesmann. A first insight on the upcoming SSP Stromer will give Audi with three Sphere concepts that should be revealed in the next 12 months. “Until the end of this decade, we will have introduced SSP in all our core segments and all brand groups,” said Duesmann. By 2030, cars on the SSP platform would already cover a larger volume than PSA and MEB, “he said.

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5 thoughts on “VWS “Electric superplatform” SSP as a basis for more than 40 million. vehicles”

  1. Whether you are doing something good at VW as a company and Volkswagen as a group of something good to use different platforms and still think about the succession of MEB according to which you are trying to bring captures under people?

    Anyone who is approaching with it and wants to buy potentiel a VW / Audi / Skoda BEV will think about whether it does not make sense to wait for the next better and maybe buy a diesel. * Shame *

  2. The question “Buy now or wait?”Of course there are many places.
    I look z. B. Expected to a (hopefully) Opel Astra-E in maybe 2 years. On the one hand. On the other hand, it is to be heard that Stellantis also works on a clean electrical platform for future models. Already you are back in the dilemma or. May fall in such then in 2 years. Hmm.

  3. It must also be allowed to continue to develop. Especially in electromobility is at the moment nothing of duration.

    Who buys a BEV today, risks very quickly with overhauled technology. But that does not mean that this will become worse the vehicle. It’s just not better.

    The same has been experienced at the beginning with the PC and with the smartphones. Who did not buy new at that time, was very soon on the road with an obsolete device.

    Of course you can not buy cars every year. But the development progresses whether we want or not. I find it good that VW here in Germany is increasingly indicating the sound and daring to be innovative.

    Even if I’m confessing Tesla Fanboy.
    It has enough space for many manufacturers. Who not stops will stand earlier or later only in the history books.

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