Water on the road: Heavy rain can damage the engine


Heavy rain can damage the engine

Water on the road: Heavy rain can damage the engine-engine

Beware of large puddles of water: where off-road vehicles can still get through without any problems, cars with less ground clearance are at risk of engine damage

Source: dpa-tmn

Violent early summer thunderstorms can easily cause serious problems for drivers: The rain from above can rob them of their view and the water from below can cause serious damage to the car.

W.hen the water backs up on the road during heavy rain, caution is advised: motorists should never drive through large puddles, the depth of which they cannot assess, warn the automotive experts from the ADAC technology center in Landsberg. If the water reaches over the lower edge of the bumper, there is a risk of water hammer – and the engine is damaged.

This can happen if the engine draws in water instead of air, which, unlike the fuel-air mixture, cannot be compressed in the cylinders. As a result, the connecting rods on which the pistons sit can bend, among other things.

If drivers have huge puddles in front of them in heavy rain, for example in the area of ​​underpasses or in depressions, and do not know how deep their car will submerge in them, it is better to turn around and choose another route, the ADAC technicians advise.

Do not keep on the hard shoulder

If it rains so hard that the windshield wipers can no longer hit the masses of water from above, Sven Rademacher from the German Road Safety Council (DVR) recommends: "Slow down, but don’t reduce the speed too abruptly so that the following drivers can brake in good time." don’t forget to switch on the vehicle lights in rainy weather.

If the view is extremely restricted, drivers prefer to look for a place where they can stop safely and wait for the storm. On the highway, according to the DVR spokesman, because of the increased risk of accidents, it shouldn’t be the hard shoulder, but the next parking lot. "Or you take the next exit and stop off the highway."

Heavy thunderstorms have been moving from west to east over Germany since Thursday. In some regions, heavy rain, squalls and hail have already led to traffic accidents, including a pile-up with nine vehicles involved on the A7 motorway in Schleswig-Holstein. The cause of the accident: The road was icy after a hail shower.

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