We should all own at least three cars


We should all own at least three cars

We should all own at least three cars-cars

Other countries have much bigger traffic problems

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How nice to see people with real traffic problems. How nice when people who talk about cars take an interest in them. The discovery of the humanity of transport on the Internet.

HToday I am wonderfully recovered, because I have prescribed strict abstinence from television because I simply could no longer bear the fact that the politicians, opinion pollers and journalists, who have been telling nonsense about Donald Trump for months, are now decently silent and take a long and thorough look in the mirror, but just keep babbling into the cameras.

This is not without a certain, albeit outrageous, comedy, but still does not exceed the entertainment threshold that keeps me going. And that although my remote control has recently refused to go to Amazon Prime when the AV button is pressed less than ten times switch.

Speaking of streaming service: On the aforementioned Internet television of the Americans responsible for the end of the world, there is a series with the terrible name "Deadliest Journeys". There you can learn amazing things about the commutes that millions of people around the world travel to work every day and the incredible ways they do it.

People often risk their lives for income

Whether on the self-made wooden scooter (Chukudu) with hundreds of kilos of goods (capitalism) through the Congo, or in a prehistoric truck through South America, in this English-language series we learn respect and humility again. Something that our Trump and transport politicians have long been missing.

Women, but especially men, with or without a car, risk their lives there for a low income and the prospect of seeing their families again after months of separation. They cover crazy distances in trucks, without any Bluetooth connectivity, and sleep on the roof of their decrepit vehicles to protect themselves from what is crawling, scowling or even assassinating down there.

What a fantastic change from our television program, and what a contrast to the Green Party Congress, at which, as I could still catch a lot of stubborn switching, quite a few candidates visually reminded of the 80s, which I had long since left behind had believed.

Ozdemir yelled a lot

Well, at least Cem has Ozdemir shouted around properly. I liked that a lot, even if it didn’t quite match the quality and volume of the football coach of the children’s team, which I was able to experience when it felt like minus 20 degrees on Sunday morning.

The good thing: Before I could find out anything about the subject of “mobility” or “car”, the toggle button worked again. I just saw Dieter Zetsche trying to say something, but his unwilling listeners uttered indefinable sounds or played childishly with soap bubbles.

If you have listened for weeks to people who paint the apocalypse on the wall or are regularly taught why sports cars are even worse than Donald Trump – although the speakers have never driven anything more exciting than a Skoda Fabia or are still mourning their first Golf – is "Deadliest Journeys" an extremely refreshing treat.

Just build a road in the Congo

Watching people cope with life’s mobile difficulties in quiet dignity "grounds" you in seconds. Suppliers in South America, bamboo dealers in Bangladesh, truckers in Somaliland – all of them deserve our respect for overcoming almost insurmountable traffic situations, even without any esoteric admiration for the "noble savage".

We should all own at least three cars-People often risk their lives income

In the Congo, people are also happy about a self-made wooden scooter

Source: Getty Iamges / Per-Anders Pettersson / Contributor

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the ladies with the strange hairstyles and the men with the big bellies, who explain the world in general and the automobile in particular, simply traveled to Africa and, let’s say in the Congo, built a decent road? Pickaxes, shovels and a few used trucks can still work real wonders in some parts of the world, and afterwards you know what you’re talking about.

The contrast between know-it-all curmudgeons and hard-working Africans has moved me to raise the level a little, at least in my private life, and in the future only to discuss cars with people who own at least three of them, ideally all of them registered. Then you can almost always assume passion and expertise, and both enrich life immensely.

Fuel consumption – I’m not discussing that!

Do you think owning three or more cars is total nonsense? You can do it to your heart’s content, but don’t be surprised if after five instructive minutes I aim my remote control because I don’t really care that your car uses 0.02 liters less on paper than your neighbour’s even more boring vehicle.

In return, I promise not to teach you about the benefits of power yoga over normal yoga, because I know even less about it than about California superfood or the benefits of free-flowing jam. deal?

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6 thoughts on “We should all own at least three cars”

  1. deal!
    That’s exactly how it is for me: a 1.0 Corsa, a 2.0 Saab Turbo BJ. 1989 and a 3.0 A6 TDI (because of the torque of course!) … and all 3 registered

  2. Nice article. That’s the way it is. The vehicle as a mobility or problem solver. And not just as a lifestyle advertising eco-vehicle. That is his true reason for being. Nice view of the ‘bigger picture’. I’ve cherished mine for decades, I can still do something myself … and (still) afford it. Has meanwhile become a classic car – and still meets my requirements.

  3. So there is one thing I don’t understand about your contribution … how can you simply switch it off during debates in the Bundestag (or wherever else the camera is present). There you can find out the best ways to attend a presentation and to distract yourself without being disturbed by the speaker.
    Compared to RTL & Co during the day, you can also see bad actors there, but they are often better dressed. In terms of content, it is (at least for me) often no more valuable than Berlin Day&Night etc. Formats.

  4. Discussions with like-minded people are boring.
    You don’t care about fuel consumption, I don’t care about top speed and acceleration.
    I only have one car, but I think I understand something about it anyway.
    Fortunately, I don’t have to earn my money from meaningless and meaningless articles in any newspaper.

  5. It’s great that you got rid of your hallucination about me and my money.


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