What Alfa Romeo in terms of electric cars plans

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What Alfa Romeo in terms of electric cars plans-alfa

Alfa Romeo wants to revive the abbreviation GTV for an electric, four-door coupe flagship, as part of the plan to fully revising the model palette. In the focus, quite the zeitgeist accordingly: the electromobility, which has hardly played a role in the Italians.

According to the New GTV, according to the British Autocar, as a technological flagship for the future line-up of the Italian sports car forge. But he is only one of a whole series of new models, which are considered by the new CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato, to drive the electrification and introduction of further innovative key technologies at Alfa Romeo now.

In the development of electric vehicles, Alfa Romeo is strongly benefiting from the fusion of FCA, the former parent company, with the French PSA Group to the world’s fourth largest automaker Stellantis. According to the AutoCar, the Alfa Responsible for GTV fluctuate between a retro-inspired two-door coupe up to a more contemporary four-door coupe.

Imparato has a fible for retro designs related to electromobility: during his time at Peugeot, he brought the much admired e-legend concept to momentum, an electric coupe in the muscle car design, which was inspired by the 504 coupe. Peugeot cast out a serial version of the daring vehicle because it would not be profomly profitable. Alfa Romeos Upscale position, however, could justify an electrocoupe for the premium price.

In the case of the competition, it is clear, to whom the GTV is to aim: sporty middle class sedans such as the BMW i4 in the near future or that has been available since 2016 Tesla Model 3. However, the third GTV model series should not go to the portfolio, but in addition to pure E models, electrified internal combustion engines are also planned.

General overhaul for the Alfa Romeo-Line-Up

Alfa Romeo is one of a total of 14 brands, which have been united under the roof of Stellantis since January. Well eight million cars per year, PMSTantis relies off and can achieve comprehensive synergy effects with brand new platforms and electrified drive strands. Most recently, Alfa had crisp heavily, the sales figures are over the past 20 years of more than 200.000 on only just over 50.000 left. Imparato is now put together a 49-headed team of managers to control the revival of Alfa Romeo. He assumes that Alfa Romeo “has the potential to be the global premium brand of Stellantis”.

The renewal of the model range is also urgent necessary. The two existing models, Giulia and the SUV Stelvio, are already in the second half of their planned seven-year cycles. To turn on the growth course, Imparato wants to develop a whole series of new hybrid and purely electrical models, including followers for Giulia and Stelvio.

Imparatos plans are supported by Autocar by Stellantis boss Carlos Tavares, who has already promised investments in Alfa Romeo for the next decade. By 2025, only an Alfa Romeo model, the upcoming compact SUV Tonale, should still build on a platform developed by FCA. The rest is to be based on one of three car platforms originally developed by the PSA group and now be made available to Alfa Romeo via Stellantis. So Alfa has uncomplicated access to purely electric powertracks for vehicles of different segments.

Imparato has placed Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos at the top of the Alfa Romeo design. The 52-year-old Spaniard is well known for his work at SEAT, where he was responsible for the new Leon, Arona, Ateca and Tarraco in recent years, among others. At Seats Performance offshoot he drew the elegant dynamic lines for the Born, Formentor and Tavascan models.

Alfa Romeo will continue to work closely with Stellantis with the Italian sports car brand Maserati. They therefore want to bundle several areas of their engineering and development activities as well as sales and service activities to improve their presence in key markets, including the US and China.

New entry-level SUV for 2023 planned

The first Alfa Romeo model, which arises under the leadership of Imparato and Stellantis, will be the third SUV of the company who internally known as Brennero. It should be made from the beginning of 2023 together with successor models of the Fiat 500x and the Jeep Renegade in Poland and form the future entry point in the Alfa Romeo portfolio.

The Brennero is to become the first purely electrical Alfa and based on the CMP platform developed by PSA, which was renamed in Stla Small and already understood a wide range of models, such as the Citro├źn C4, the Peugeot 2008 and the Opel models Corsa and mocha. The platform can accommodate several drive strands, and support in addition to purely electric combustion drives. The performance data of the pure stromases are likely to know connoisseurs of the PSA platform: 100 kW (136 hp), 50 kWh battery and a range of just over 320 kilometers.

Alfa Romeo plans according to Autocar also some models on the larger Stla Large platform on which the successors of Giulia and Stelvio are to build up, which can be driven as a mild hybrid, as plug-in hybrid and purely electrically. According to insiders, these new Alfas should appear by 2023/2024. The development of a purely electric powertrain for the new platform is in cooperation with the Japanese electric motor specialist NIDEC and the French battery cell and battery production company juice already well in progress. According to Stellantis, the Stla Large platform should enable a range of up to 800 kilometers. That would face a sporty middle class sedan like the GTV good.

Come back Spider and Mito?

The GTV should not be the only classic Alfa Romeo model, which is considered for a revival. Imparato is also intended to revise the legendary two-seater convertible Cabrio Spider, set in 2010, as well as the 2018 funeral carcass MITO. Again, like the Brennero, the Stla Small platform would be the appropriate mobile pedestal.

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  1. One of the brand names of sang and tallless with the burners will go down, in a few years you will then remember again and are already the moving rust bowls with electronics from the kids construction kit again a top product.

    Clewashing is called something like that ..

    I say, because I have possessed from the Alfasud Ti, about a V6 164er to the Giulietta all time, but took a long time but the realization came then.

  2. Alfa Romeo: Class instead of mass,
    Although Alfa Romeo as well as many other brands can have technical problems, it is a daily pleasure to enter my Giulia and enjoy it.
    Daily positive expressions of passers-by from young to old confirm my decision.
    I have almost no problems after 3 years and 90.000 km full load!
    Since I ca.10 different Alfas 75.156,159, 147, etc. obsessed and driven, I do not think of lump-sum negative overtaken prejudices. Alfa had no longer problems like my Porsche I acquired and drove.
    Alfa Romeo: A creative vehicle instead of boring muty unity trot a la VW and Audi.
    I myself do not want to advertise for Alfa Romeo because I do not want this brand to produce a unit model like VW Golf 1-infinite.


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