What biofuels can do for the climate

Fuel from electricity and plants

What biofuels can do for the climate

What biofuels can do for the climate-electric golf suddenly appears ancient Hyundai

Bavarian radio With this fuel made of food remnants you drive almost climate -neutral with your diesel

Today’s petrol and diesel cars could also drive almost climate-neutral. Biofuels from waste and synthetic fuel produced with green electricity offer new possibilities. There are very different signals from the federal government.

Around 47 million cars with petrol or diesel engines are on Germany today. Even if the Federal Government reaches its target of 15 million electric cars by the end of 2030, a good 30 million combustion engines remain purely arithmetically. This is a hurdle for the climate goals.

BMW boss relies on e-fuel

"We need a solution here," warned BMW boss Oliver Zipse on Thursday (20. January) when visiting Federal Climate Minister Robert Habeck in the BMW stemwerk Munich. «Whether there are 100 percent e-fuel or admixtures of e-fuel, that will be discussed."Because in Europe it will take decades before these vehicles will no longer be in the markets».

What biofuels can do for the climate-climate
–/Fraunhofer caution/dpa In the creation of the Fraunhofer Institute, Biogenes oil is generated from which fuel can be obtained.

For a decade, there have been petrol at the German petrol stations E10, petrol with an admixture of up to ten percent ethanol from grain, sugar beet and other plants. This lowers CO2 emissions, because the free-facing carbon dioxide was previously taken from plants in the atmosphere. The manufacturers of the biosprit are already calling for higher additives.

Features of sewage slam and organic waste

Biogenic fuels also arise from biomass, but from remains such as sewage sludge, organic waste and the like. Royal oil is created by heating under the exclusion of air and finishing. In a refinery, fuel is created that can be used like classic fossil petrol or diesel. The technology is relatively robust, says Robert Daschner, head of energy technology at the Fraunhofer Institute in Sulzbach-Rosenberg in Bavaria. If the taxation is appropriate, he considers the resulting fuel to be competitive – also because the starting materials are waste and almost nothing is paid or even paid for their disposal. Of course, not everything can be covered with it, he says, "but for several percent of today’s fuel needs it could be enough».

What biofuels can do for the climate-electric golf suddenly appears ancient
Authors-Union Mobility/E-Fuel Alliance European environmental lobby makes e-fuel Madig

Siemens Energy for e -fuel is even more potential – synthetic fuels that are made with green stream made of hydrogen and other gases. Together with Porsche, the company built a demonstration system in southern Chile. With three megawatts of wind energy, she represents 130.000 liters of gasoline and 450.000 liters of methanol per year ago. A commercial system with a hundred -fold performance should start in 2025. Manager Markus Speith expects systems of 2.5 gigawatts from 2027, which could supply half a million cars with gasoline. And in this region alone there is wind energy potential for 10 to 20 such systems with potential for 6 to 12 billion liters of petrol.

E-fuel competitive in the event of tax benefits

Driving a battery car directly with green electricity is much more efficient than making hydrogen and then synthetic fuel and burning it. Much of the energy falls by the wayside. But efficiency is not that decisive, said Speith. Where, like in southern Chile, there are good conditions for wind power, but there is no need for it, it offers to convert them into fuel, which can then be brought with tankers where you need it. In the event of tax favor compared to fossil fuels, these e-fuel could also be competitive at the current prices.

When an electric golf suddenly appears ancient: Hyundai Ioniq 5 in the test

What biofuels can do for the climate-electric golf suddenly appears ancient

Site When an electric golf suddenly appears ancient: Hyundai Ioniq 5 in the test

Jurgen Karpinski, President of the Central Association of the German Motor Motor Show (ZDK), said: “With climate-neutral e-fuel or biofuels, all vehicles with combustion engines in the EU could be driven in a climate-neutral manner, and the existing petrol station infrastructure would be available.“That would help to lower CO2 emissions quickly. To do this, however, "the same state funding for synthetic fuels as for the electric cars" is needed for this.

"Anyone who only relies on battery drives will not create the climate goals," says the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). The manufacturers are excited to see whether the EU Commission will also be positive in the future in the future in addition to electric cars.

Contradictory signals from politics

Minister of Climate Habeck (Greens), however, sees e-fuel for cars very skeptical. For that, more wind turbines would have to be built. «That is why I see the use of e-fuel mainly in the areas that are difficult to electrify.»The focus is on heavy goods traffic.

Climate frit should come: We will soon refuel all CO2-neutral?

What biofuels can do for the climate-electric golf suddenly appears ancient

Site Climate frit should come: We will soon refuel all CO2-neutral?

What Federal Transport Minister Volker Wissing (FDP) wants is less clear. A week ago he told the Berlin “Tagesspiegel”: “But for the foreseeable future we will not have enough e-fuel to operate the now approved cars with an combustion engine."He could" only advise you to switch to CO2-neutral drives.“However, he then expressed himself very differently in the Bundestag. In order to achieve the climate goals, e-fuel is "an important component," said Wissing there, "of course also in the existing fleets of the cars. Every contribution to CO2 reduction is important.»

The Union faction’s traffic policy spokesman, Thomas Bareib, mocked that no minister had fallen over so quickly. And «This week we hear from your coalition partner in the traffic committee that it has already been decided that the combustion engine is imminent. Yes, what now, Minister?»

This article was written by Christof Ruhrmair and Roland Losch, dpa

There is still so much muscle car in the electro-mustang

What biofuels can do for the climate-electric golf suddenly appears ancient

Site There is still so much muscle car in the electro-mustang

Now learn more about the future of mobility

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  3. What biofuels can do for the climate?
    Nothing, absolutely nothing! Biofuels or e-fuel are fantasies and visions of some, unteachable minority, which has been left behind in the combustion engine past. The future of mobility has long started and it is based on the technically well-advanced, battery-electric e-mobility. The combustion engine is a fossil from the technical "Transportation stone period" And even biofuels or e-fuel will not save them into the future, because in technical evolution it is sentenced to extinction, since no longer adaptable.

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    The battery brand denier. By the way, a villa has just burned down, 1.5 million euros are damaged. Cause: battery fire. The batteries are highly dangerous, must be stored and transported as dangerous goods. They are suddenly in use? The e-lobby tries to distract from its own weaknesses, demonizes all alternative approach with sham arguments, as here. The Tesla Marketing floods the forums with praise hymns. After 5 days, a deleted Tesla went up again in flames. Battery cars don’t burn more often? They even burn several times! In addition to the frequency, it also depends on the type of fire and the emitted pollutants. Contaminated extinguishing water in large quantities in the groundwater. Battery eugner may praise this as a source of healing, it is healthy?

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    … For the prolongation of the environmentally political V-Motor, the vision of its climate-neutral operation with organic & e-fuel is. A vision can also be a fraud or hallucination. That applies here. As the IFEU study "Use of biofuels in the transport sector until 2030", the potential of biofuels is limited in terms of quantity. You cannot make a significant contribution to climate protection in the traffic sector. V-cars operated with e-fuel need 7 x more green electricity than BEV. This inefficiency cannot afford an economy & the necessary quantities would not be presented promptly. In addition, e-fuel LT. T&E-study 2020 just as much toxic nitrogen oxides as fossil combustion. These are co-criteria that ignore lobby associations like VDA & ZDK.

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