What car rental company SIXT plans for e-mobility

What car rental company SIXT plans for e-mobility-e-mobility

Not only end customers have to prepare more and more on changing electromobility and a more and more digitized world. Even companies such as car rental companies have to orient their business. Sixt has been changing for a long time from the classic landlord to a much wide established mobility provider. And goes financially strong in advance: For example, the company currently builds for a good 50 million euros charging infrastructure for electric cars. In a conversation with Electrive, the Press Department of Sixt gave some more insights, as the company designed its transformation.

To its electric fleet SIXT tells that the share of fully electric vehicles and hybrid cars has steadily increased in the last quarters and will increase even more in the future. “So we have recently folded hybrid SUVs of the MG brand and Teslas with Model 3,” says the company. In the car sharing fleet, about one-third of all vehicles are purely electrical. There are already 100 percent in the Netherlands.

For its worldwide fleet, Sixt plans to increase the proportion of electrical and hybrid cars to a good ten to 15 percent. Whether this succeeds, but strongly depends on external factors: “Due to the currently high demand for electric vehicles, significantly accelerated by public financial incentives on the one hand and delivery difficulties in computer chips on the other, there are currently noticeable bottlenecks,” says the company. Therefore, currently “not so many electric cars are available in the market as in demand, and how Six would like to offer its customers.”

In the investment of 50 million euros in charging infrastructure, it is first of all about blowing the “internal needs”, since Sixt customers’ electric vehicles “are not fully charged”. “We will charge the returned vehicles after returning the customers for these with us.”In a second step, the Sixt charging stations are also to be publicly available and” economically best possible “will be distributed if overcapacities are available.

Also in the areas of ride-haying and carsharing, which Sixt also serves, the demand for E vehicles is high. SIXT wants to meet this demand accordingly and therefore has introduced an innovation, for example, for the customers of the Ride-Hailing Product Sixt Ride Ride Hailing product in many cities: “Travelers can now be hybrid or fully electric vehicles when booking transfer or limousine services choose, “says the company.

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  1. Sixt has chances here if you are in particular in the leasing area over 25.000 km P.a. Make cheap offers for Bev and Phev. Even with the charging columns, there are perspectives in the collection and bring service for the customers with reasonable prices below 39 ct / kWh.


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