What if Tesla built a Cyber ​​… Coupe?

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This rendering shows what a two-door Tesla might look like if it had the edgy style of the Cybertruck.

What if Tesla built a Cyber ​​... Coupe?-built

As a Tesla the Cybertruck in November 2019 imagined the internet was going crazy. Even though design is no longer so controversial, it still inspires designers.

Many apply the now iconic look of the Cybertruck to other body shapes and the resulting creations are not always successful.

But what do you think of this cyber coupe designed by Andreas Shiakas who has a whole cyber lineup of vehicles on his Behance side? The most noticeable of all is this vehicle, which looks like an older Lamborghini from the front, although you can really guess the Cybertruck inspiration from the side and rear.

The designer said in his message to our colleagues at InsideEVs USA that his Cybercoupe is heavily inspired by the wedge-shaped supercars of the 1970s, and we can totally understand that. That brings us to the question of whether the inspiration for the Cybertruck itself came from the same era of automotive style, but the design was adapted to the constraints of a pickup body.

Picture gallery: Tesla Cybercoupe

What if Tesla built a Cyber ​​... Coupe?-coupe

Do you think it would be an argument for Tesla to design a future model in the same cyber style? The Cybertruck certainly caused a stir, but would a second wedge-shaped, bare stainless steel vehicle be too much of a good thing? Maybe better a different kind of retro inspiration, something from the 1960s, when cars were outrageously curvy?

The sheer number of cyber-inspired renderings suggests there is definitely interest in retro-futuristic design. Tesla has already proven that something as bold as the Cybertruck gets people interested and debated, so the manufacturer may have even more retro-inspired design planned.

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What if Tesla built a Cyber ​​... Coupe?-coupe CyberLandr: Camping attachment for the Tesla Cybertruck

At the moment we are waiting for Tesla to unveil the production version of the Cybertruck, the design of which has hopefully not been watered down too much to get street legal. One thing is certain: the futuristic pick-up is to be produced in "Giga 5" from the end of 2021. Then he met tough competition in the USA in the form of the new Ford F-150 Lightning.

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