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In ten to 15 percent of all cases in which an electric vehicle has a charging station, it cannot be loaded on it. Why this is now to be investigated as part of a research project.

The project "Load the chain of action" should clarify at which points of the charging process the most errors that contribute to the high error rate. Test drivers are still being sought for the real laboratory test. But also online experienced electric car drivers can support the project with their expternitis.

The aim is to determine concrete points for loading process optimization

The is coordinated "Load the chain of action" by the National Organization Hydrogen and Fuel Zelltechnology GmbH (short: Now GmbH), a program society for research funding that implements projects in the field of mobility for the Federal Transport and Federal Environment Ministry. Now GmbH is supported by the public project sponsor Julich as well as various research institutes and market participants. The declared goal is to determine concrete points, at which to improve the quality of the charging processes.

Test drivers wanted for Hamburg and Munich

The project also includes attempts at real life, which should take place in Hamburg and Munich. Test drivers are still sought for this. If you are interested, you will find more information here. But also for interested parties outside the Munich or. Hamburg area is the opportunity to participate in the project: In the form of an online questionnaire.

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