What is the problem with the Model X from Tesla


What is the problem with the Model X from Tesla

What is the problem with the Model X from Tesla-Aston Martin Tesla Model aimed

Gullwing: The Model X should come to German dealers in 2016

Source: Tesla

The US electric car maker has been collecting down payments for the new model for two years, and a start date has now been postponed for the second time. The complicated double doors should also be to blame.

D.he US manufacturer Tesla‘s second series, which has already been praised in advance by some analysts, will be delayed. The electric car manufacturer recently announced a market launch in early 2015; previously there was even speculation about deliveries in 2014. Tesla has been collecting down payments for the electric crossover model since 2012.

In a recently published message it says that the big crossover will only hit the streets in the third quarter of 2015: "We recently decided to invest considerably more time in validation in order to be able to offer the best possible Model X."

In fact, the manufacturer should have a lot of interest in ensuring that the quality of the Model X is right from the start. The large Model S sedan is plagued by quality problems, and drives in the long-term test cars of the American trade press sometimes had to be replaced – in one case several times.

According to reports, the development of the Model X is being delayed not least by the huge wing doors, which Tesla boss Elon Musk attaches great importance to as a unique selling point. This is the second postponement of the program.

Combative declarations

Musk and his chief financial officer Deepak Ahuja explain themselves to the investors as follows: “There is a legitimate criticism of Tesla – we prefer to forego profits than to bring a product onto the market that the customers do not enjoy. This has negative effects in the short term, but positive effects in the long term. There are many other companies that do not follow this philosophy and that could be more attractive to investors. "

Detroit Electric builds the fastest electric car in the world

What is the problem with the Model X from Tesla-Aston Martin Tesla Model aimed

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This is what the rear of the Detroit Electric SP: 01 looks like.

Source: Manufacturer / PLC

What is the problem with the Model X from Tesla-tesla

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Visitors to the Shanghai Motor Show could already see the prototype shown in 2013 in full appearance.

Source: Manufacturer

While the Model X is delayed, Tesla is making a name for itself in other areas with announcements. Investors are lured in with the prospect of a third, much cheaper electric car that is supposed to listen to the model name Model 3.

Meanwhile, it can be heard from supplier circles that the development of the more compact series is still in the early stages. In order to achieve a competitive market price, the company relies on cheaper batteries. For this purpose, a production facility is currently being built in the US state of Nevada that goes by the not immodest name "Gigafactory". It is supposed to produce accumulators for half a million vehicles a year.

Daimler recently announced that it had sold the entire block of shares to Tesla. The Stuttgart-based company held 9.1 percent of Tesla at weddings; They are likely to have gained deep insights into how the US manufacturer works within the framework of collaborations. The Japanese manufacturer Toyota, which had cooperated with Tesla, has also parted ways with its stake to a considerable extent.

German customers can reserve the Model X on the company’s website for 4000 euros. Deliveries – as of today – should start in 2016.

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