What is the RDE road test ?: Readers ask – experts answer


Readers ask – experts answer

What is the RDE road test ?: Readers ask - experts answer-test

In the RDE test, pollutant emissions are measured in real operation

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In the future, new car models will have to prove which emission values ​​they comply with in a test on public roads.

F.rage: “I’ve heard that soon all cars will have to pass an exhaust test in everyday traffic. What is it exactly? And am I also affected by it? "
Answer from Dr. Andreas Kufferath, drive developer at the supplier Bosch: The mandatory RDE test will start on September 1, 2017. From then on, new types of cars must meet the RDE specifications as part of the type test, for example at the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA).
The test is therefore only mandatory for new vehicle models for which the manufacturer has to apply for type approval from the competent authority. In the case of vehicles that have already been registered, for example used cars, there will be no change due to the RDE status today. A retrofitting of the vehicle stock does not have to be done according to the current situation.
So far, vehicles have only been tested in the laboratory to check the legal requirements. With the new RDE test, differences between the emission values ​​that are determined on the test bench and emission values ​​that result from driving profiles on the road can be reduced. Because stronger acceleration is taken into account as well as inclines, stop-and-go or even higher speeds. The emission measurements under real operating conditions in everyday life should make a significant contribution to better air quality.
RDE is used to measure emission values ​​of particles and nitrogen oxides in real traffic. The consumption is still determined on the roller test stand. It is currently under discussion to measure consumption with tests in real traffic. However, there are many unanswered questions about the comparability of the data. Because there are many framework conditions on the road that cannot be standardized. Weather conditions, topography and personal driving style can vary greatly depending on the test drive.

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