What’s going on at Mercedes? More and more quality defects and recalls

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What’s going on at Mercedes? More and more quality defects and recalls

What's going on at Mercedes? More and more quality defects and recalls-quality
Cattle man An old Mercedes redet on a field to. Recently, the brand, known for its quality and longevity, made headlines due to numerous callbacks

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"The best or nothing", That was once the Mercedes slogan. At the moment you could rename him into "Not the best": The car manufacturer has had a recall record year-across all drive types from the diesel to the electric car. What is going wrong with the Swabians?

For links on this page, Site receives. A commission from the dealer, Z.B. For marked. More information Germany’s quality icon obviously has a fair quality problem. So far, Daimler models shone with many reliability reports, it could look different in the future. Mercedes-Benz has a record year for recalls-across all series.The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) alone lists over 20 recall actions for the Swabians in 2021:

  • That started with the flagship in January. Non-fitting tie rods on the steering of the new S-Class could overload and loosen the screw.
  • It continued in March. More than 264.000 cars of the C and GLC class were called back due to a possible error on a fire protection system.
  • In the same month there was a recall for C and E-Class, CLK and CLS that were built between December 2005 and September 2006. Due to an incorrect gluing, the glass sliding roof could replace.
  • The G-Class continued. There could "With certain driving maneuvers" Open or jam the fond doors unintentionally. Be to blame "Manufacturing tolerances". A nice description for obvious botch in production and quality control.

What's going on at Mercedes? More and more quality defects and recalls-quality
Uli Deck/dpa/archive image The Mercedesstern is attached to a bike.

Mercedes has a long recall lists

Further official problems in the course of the year: An incorrectly glued aperture of the panoramic roof can fly away while driving, due to incorrect screwing on the starter there can be a short circuit and subsequently a fire. And a rear head support is checked, a faulty nozzle could lead to the failure of the fuel pump in the C and S class, the masking of the roof and windscreen had to be checked in the smart fortwod, in the X-Class it could be due to a nasty return line Oil coolers come to oil loss, incorrect screwing on the 12V and 48V line network can lead to fires, a faulty nozzle in the fuel pump for the drive failure, the incorrect fastening of the brake calipers on the front axle could restrict the braking power,,Incorrect software of the drive center control unit can lead to engine failure during the C-Class-and more.

That is why there are so many recalls in food – you have to consider that

What's going on at Mercedes? More and more quality defects and recalls-genes Strong Tesla competitor only

Site/Wochit That is why there are so many recalls in food – you have to consider that

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Massive problems with the exhaust gas recirculation

Even the new, extremely important electo vehicles for Daimler had to go back to the workshop. The batteries of the Mercedes EQC from the 2019 built in 2019 are not entirely tight. Therefore they could get on fire. The manufacturer asked the buyers from 1463 of the electric SUVs to the workshop to improve the sealing of the high-voltage batteries.

What's going on at Mercedes? More and more quality defects and recalls-defects
Image: Daimler AG Mercedes: A call back for V-Class and Evito

But of course it mainly affects the combustion models. The most extensive recall comes from mid -November and affects almost all model series: Due to a faulty switching valve of the exhaust gas recirculation, fires may occur. The result: Mercedes had 848.Called back 517 vehicles, 239.832 of them in Germany. What the problem still tightens: Mercedes cannot create enough spare parts in the workshops. Until then, Mercedes advises the customer to drive particularly carefully "and to limit the use to the required minimum". Translated this means: let your car be standing as far as possible. The number of Mercedes vehicles affected by recalls in 2021 has long since become seven digits.

Also in 2022 it started bad for Daimler

And an end is not foreseeable. The year 2022 also started unpleasant for Mercedes. Already on 03. January the KBA called 1788 vehicles from C-Class, EQS, GLC and S-Class, and 664 vehicles are affected in Germany. The reason: a faulty charging cable could lead to the electric shock or the vehicle fire. It is still completely unclear to what extent Mercedes has to call back hundreds of thousands of diesel models that may be on the road with inadmissible exhaust technology. The manufacturer is still legally arguing with the KBA – but has increased its provisions vigorously as a precaution.

ADAC warns: You shouldn’t buy these four child seats

What's going on at Mercedes? More and more quality defects and recalls-recalls

Site ADAC warns: You shouldn’t buy these four child seats

Stefan Bratzel from the Center of Automotive Management (CAM) in Bergisch Gladbach cites the reasons for the numerous recalls, among other things, the high pressure to change in the industry. Tolerances are getting closer and closer. New products come onto the market faster and unfinished and only mature at the customer.

"Products ripen at the customer"

In addition, there are effects of the equal part strategy and a globally networked automotive industry: faulty components are no longer only installed in one model, but often in entire model families over several group brands, which increases the number of vehicles concerned. In addition to all of this, auto expert Ferdinand DudenhOffer also sees a serious cost pressure in the industry: when car companies save money, this is the expense of the suppliers. The higher the cost pressure, the stronger the error and thus the recall risk.

1.6 liters of consumption – really? This Mercedes should save the diesel

What's going on at Mercedes? More and more quality defects and recalls-recalls

Site 1.6 liters of consumption – really? This Mercedes should save the diesel

Sometimes even over different carmakers. DudenhOffer speaks of "Tata risk": "Few suppliers are responsible for components that are used in huge quantities of new cars for almost all car manufacturers." Because takata airbags did not work properly, 50 million cars from different manufacturers worldwide had to be improved expensive. For corresponding recalls, Mercedes alone had to put a billion sum in the balance sheet. There is now nothing left to get at Takata itself. The Japanese company is bankrupt.

Disaster with the old E-Class

Incidentally, it is not the first time that Mercedes has to fear his good reputation for quality defects. In bad memory, the disaster with the E-Class is in the Schrempp era. Numerous models have been rustlob, not least because of a rigid savings program. In some cases, after two years, there was mainly on the doors of large rust. The workshops hardly came after exchanging the doors.

What's going on at Mercedes? More and more quality defects and recalls-recalls

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No second chance on the electric market

Of course, other car manufacturers also call back cars in rows – but at Mercedes, the impression of Schlampersei of the essence of the brand is touched: Quality and durability. The group, which is increasingly controlled by Chinese investors. However, he not only learns competition from classic competitors such as Audi and BMW, but also from the electric market leader Tesla as well as new electro-premium aspirants such as Polestar, Lucid Motors, Rivian or Fisker. A valuable, established brand name is the best pound on the highly contested electrical market, especially for the long -established manufacturers – sometimes the only one.

Chinese with Volvo genes: Strong Tesla competitor has only a serious weakness

What's going on at Mercedes? More and more quality defects and recalls-quality

Site Chinese with Volvo genes: Strong Tesla competitor has only a serious weakness

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15 thoughts on “What’s going on at Mercedes? More and more quality defects and recalls”

  1. Probably because it is produced cheap in the USA.
    The large Mercedes models have been produced in the USA for some time, since then only without … The large Mercedes models have been produced in the United States for some time, since then only mistakes without end, the price for customers is increasing and increasing, the quality decreases rapidly. The main thing is that you earn stupidly and stupidly with vehicles of a brand that has been produced cheaply in the United States.

  2. Production location by the sea
    In terms of rust, some things are also possible to managment:.B. the V-Class manufactured in Vitoria in Spanish. After completion, the vehicle is on a parking space in the harbor before going to Holland over a shipping trip lasting several weeks. It is clear that the new vehicle matters through the salted sea air. Why can’t you produce such an expensive vehicle like the V-Class in the home country? VW can do this with the price -similar Multivan.

  3. Mercedes is no longer German
    The Chinese billionaire Li Shufu has secured 9.69 percent of the shares. He is the largest partner, as the Stuttgart car manufacturer confirmed on Friday evening. The value of his stock package is around 7.2 billion euros. So far, Daimler’s largest single shareholder of the Kuwait state funds, with 6.8 percent of the shares. Renault Nissan holds 3.1 percent, another 20 percent lie with institutional investors such as Blackrock from the USA or the Norwegian sovereign fund. The big rest is in free float. Nevertheless, buying the name Mercedes 100.000de this vehicle. There is nothing more German behind it, so the car is constantly in the workshops. Then you can call other cars like Genesis as a new Mercedes.

  4. Quality problem
    But these problems have been around for a long time.Certainly more than 30 years. Supply parts are screwed together.Rostan the doors are only a small part. Also affects other manufacturers such as z.B. BMW. Only new car customers are really interesting for these manufacturers..That has nothing to do with the Chinese. They attach great importance to quality in this league.

  5. We drive
    Astra for 3 years and have never been to the workshop except for this check-up….Mercedes goods once a brand name and consumed for a long time from their reputation. When I read these comments here, Mercedes absolutely has to do something before everything goes down the stream!

  6. Mercedes
    When I read some posts here, I wonder what other car brands report on defects in the customer? Just think about it, maybe Mercedes is standing for his defects, not like Audi, VW and Co. Not to mention Tesla! I’ve been driving Benz for years and have so far had no problems. Neither current my W201 (classic car 190e) nor my W205 MOPF cause problems.

  7. I have
    In addition to the Mercedes, also an Audi and have no problems with the Audi except for wearing parts despite almost 400.000 km. With the Mercedes it sees at 100.000 km considerably worse.

  8. That with the rust
    is still at the moment. My Mercedes also rusts, even though a professional underbody and cavity sealing has already been carried out.

  9. Rust already in the roller sheet
    If the rust is rolled into the sheet during production, a professional underbody and cavity sealing also does little.

  10. After 7 years
    a new vehicle must be bought. Statement of a car master at Mercedes. The durability can be determined today. (ADAC Strabendienst) 7 years

  11. WG cost pressure…
    …Just that "Employees" pay for performance. Then the cost pressure decreases because the automotive groups would save huge amounts. At the same time, the supplier Fairer could be paid for with the money saved.

  12. Hello Mr. Reiber
    I also meant performance -friendly with performance. You don’t have to press 30 €/h. earn (not that you put me in the wrong drawer…)))

  13. The target group of MB vehicles
    has changed. On YouTube you can click through MB advertisements over the past 50 years and then see how the world changes. Formerly down -to -earth and solid technology with built -in durability and today Bling Bling for the hip grassy town with a capuchin beard and migration background. The coolest apps count in the car and no longer durability and engineering.

  14. Designed for the Chinese market
    @Michael Curth, the main sales market is China and the vehicles are significantly developed for its concerns. Already clear that a German businessman does not need an ambient lighting that can be adjusted with 1000 different colors if he is chauffeured with an S-Class from appointment 1 to appointment 2.

  15. Have
    I always bought a Mercedes in the past because I couldn’t afford another car. Today I no longer buy a Mercedes because I can no longer afford one. Toyota, Honda and other Japanese are just better.


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