What seem: authorities tolerate thousands of “illegal” charging columns

What seem: authorities tolerate thousands of

Several thousand DC charging columns in Germany do not obviously do not meet the requirements of the calibration right. That reports “Electrive.Net “citing on various sources. Accordingly, only four manufacturers had the appropriate model test certificate – but even there is not the entire stock retrofitted. The “Handelsblatt” writes, the pillars are “illegal” in operation. The fact that the operation is tolerated by the authorities is known in the industry – the policy wool the startup of e-mobility does not endanger.

The Swiss manufacturer ABB is cited by the newspaper that more than 2000 of its DC charging stations does not correspond to the specifications in Germany. They were set up before summer 2021 when ABB received the type examination certificate. The Dortmund charging column manufacturer Compleo has already been such a certificate since 2019, since 2021 also the DC pillars of Porsche and the South Tyrolean manufacturer Alpitronic oeal rights compliant.

Alpitronic is currently a sought after manufacturer. Provider such as EnBW, Fastned, Aral Pulse or Shell primarily focus on the so-called “hypercharger” column of Alpitronic, also Allego now builds hypercharger. Like the South Tyrolean against the “Handelsblatt” information, more than 1200 hypercharger in Germany – of which “only a few hundreds” would meet the requirements so far.

Calling on data from “Going Electric” is the report that the manufacturer Tritium, Delta and Efacec manufacturers are operating more than 1400 public charging columns – none of these manufacturers have a tree test certificate. None of the companies wanted to comment on inquiries. Also Tesla did not want to comment on the non-existent calibration conformity of his supercharger.

According to a survey from the FOrderprojekt “ICT for Electromobility”, 50 percent of the manufacturers surveyed stated that their previously operated charging pillars can be retrofitted. Six percent denied that, 44 percent made no information. Of 16 manufacturers gave 69 percent, currently in a conformity assessment procedure.

“Converting a non-calibrated charging column can be partially more expensive than to build a new charging column,” Complete Co-Chief Checrallah Kachou is quoted. Depending on the manufacturer, up to 6000 euros could be incurred for the conversion of a DC column – if the space is sufficient at all. Even with the AC charging stations, many charging columns would not yet match the requirements, writes the “Handelsblatt” – without calling more numbers.

According to the report, Thomas is a pity of the Bavarian State Office for measure and weight that around one third of the DC pillars does not yet correspond to the calibration right in Bavaria. However, with the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs had not been tailored to obstruct the e-mobility and charging pillar structure, so too bad. The decommissioning of a non-compliant charging column as a hardest possible means he does not want to use: “Would we prevail, the charging infrastructure in Germany would collapse.”

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5 thoughts on “What seem: authorities tolerate thousands of “illegal” charging columns”

  1. It’s nice that the legislator recognizes the limits. Simply so, by Ordre de Mufti ‘what determine without keeping an eye on the real possibility of implementation.
    The previous operators of charging columns have gone huge in advance, probably do not earn any tired cents to the things and will get fat loss and then such extreme calibration instructions.
    Good that the respective supervisory authorities / state governments show at least a bit of eye measure in enforcement.

    How about a law that Corona infections from 1.1.2022 prohibited? You can write to the virus in the Federal Law.

  2. Good this way! Then it will probably remain a few time so that you can dispense with the billing of DC charges for the billing to avoid complaints and warnings. Can still take a little about the whole thing.
    Incidentally, this is also a way for all operators of a charging column, if you do not want to be warned by the consumer center. Just give away the power and no one is already taking care of the oak law conformity of the columns.

  3. Always nice at the highest level whining. We already have too few charging stations, so that a non-calibrated charge is still the smallest evil currently.
    Once out of the current technical equipment, the current measurement methods – hopefully – should certainly determine the consumption, without taking right of much too much kilowatts.
    Even many intermediate counter in buildings are odobious, without having to go out equal to rough counting differences because the electrical engineering has been rather precisely dominated for 100 years . Most home counters are long-calibrated all the jubilee years without losing a word.
    Better rather builds much more new stations with calibration rights, then no one will mention the few unlawed.
    A free station is preferred to me when making me about these few likely thoughts.


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