Where Volkswagen is building its electric cars worldwide

Where Volkswagen is building its electric cars worldwide-worldwide

The German car manufacturer Volkswagen drives his electric car offensive in 2021 ahead. Soon the brand starts with the delivery of the ID.4, his first fully electric SUV. This year also comes another model of the ID. Family on the market. The number of models also grows the volume: after the brand last year around 134.Exempted 000 pure electric cars, further growth is planned for the coming years. A crucial role is the development of a global network for the production of electric vehicles.

Latest example: The start of the ID.3 Series Production in the Glass Manufactory Dresden. At the Saxon site, where previously the Superclasselimousine Phaeton, the Bentley Flying Lane and last the E-Gulf ran from the band, are from the end of January at daily 35 ID.3 vehicles produced. The glass manufactory is also strengthened as a research and innovation location, the innovative projects for a later commitment to large volume locations in the Volkswagen brand promotes and visitors and guests a holistic experience of the ID. Family should offer.

“The Volkswagen brand consistently continues its E-offensive. In addition to new e models, this also includes the transformation of the global production network. Thus, we underpin our ambitions in which e-mobility take a worldwide leadership role.”- Thomas Ulbrich, Management Board e-mobility of the Volkswagen brand

Dresden is already the fourth location worldwide, where the Volkswagen brand makes purely electrical models on MEB basis. While Dresden is a rather small location, the other MEB works in Zwickau, Anting and Foshan (both China) stand for large volumes. The first location was the work Zwickau the MEB production at the end of 2019. The work has completed a complete transformation of 100 percent burners to 100 percent electric. Currently, production will start up step by step, currently around 800 fully electrical ID per working day.3 and ID.4 models produced. Further electrical models of Audi and Cupra are added during the year. As a pure E-Auto plant Zwickau should in the future in the top of up to 1500 vehicles per day or 330.000 vehicles can produce per year.

At the end of 2020, the Chinese sites in Anting and Foshan have the production of MEB vehicles of the models ID.4 Crozz and ID.4 x started, like VW the two ID.4 variants referred to in the Chinese market. The plant in Anting is a pure e-auto plant and the world’s first newly built MEB plant of Volkswagen. In the Foshan plant, both conventional engine with internal combustion engine can be built on the basis of the MQB platform as well as purely electric MEB models on a common production line. Both works were brought completely to serial production within just two years and have a maximum production capacity of 300 each.000 units per year.

Where Volkswagen is building its electric cars worldwide-cars

Together, the four MEB works of Volkswagen in Zwickau, Anting, Foshan and Dresden have a maximum production capacity of more than 900.000 vehicles per year. In addition, the Skoda plant in Mladá Boleslav, which has also begun with MEB production. In the future, there are up to 350 vehicles of the fully electric Skoda Enyaq IV from the band daily. There are still all MEB works in startup. In the future, however, this manufacturing network has a maximum production capacity of up to one million e-vehicles per year. And with the two German locations Emden and Hanover as well as Chattanooga (USA), the next VW works are already preparing for MEB production. The first vehicles should roll there in the coming year from the band.

In addition to the vehicle-producing works, the works of Volkswagen Group Components for e-mobility are also reflected. Thus, the factory in Kassel supplies electric drives and platform parts for the MEB. At the Braunschweig and Foshan sites, the battery system for the MEB is developed and manufactured. The core elements of E-engines rotor and stator – are controlled from the component plant Salzgitter. And with the Center of Excellence Battery Cell (COE), the Group-wide know-how for battery technology in Salzgitter is bundled. This also includes manufacturing: Northvolt in cooperation with the Swedish battery manufacturer Northvolt from until 2024 the first battery cell factory of the Joint Ventures Northvolt two.

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  1. Well, unfortunately, the subsidies show nothing, the companies produce only there where the least costs arise, this will only occasionally walk to bad if no more money has these cars to buy ..
    This comes the millions of vehicles produced here are already being outdated in one year.
    Many Chinese and also American companies already work on vehicles beyond the 500km range and VW is far too slow than it’s just how Tesla in the middle of production simply switch everything and build a completely different production that can compete.
    I do not want to talk about other German companies ..

  2. Sounds very good and you are in good way to remain mocked so many year, Eautoprimus on the heels.
    Tesla has already a production capacity of 1.050.000 cars in the year and two big works are under construction.
    and with the many manufacturing and research institutes, you can hopefully keep up technologically with Tesla or just fall back.

  3. Already great that finally a German manufacturer goes into full. Paragraph direction 1 million. p.a. However, without own cell production and raw material safety is highly risky. The biggest becomes who gives the most and most recent cells, or in the long term significantly safer, self-developed and manufactured. Most nickel gets the one who builds in Indonesia a cell factory. Countries with the largest lithium deposits also do not want to deliver only the raw material. With accompanying, costly reduction of production facilities and employees from the combustion area, especially in Europe, is then properly sporty – you can only press both thumbs that bankruptcies will be limited.

  4. Only the works of VW and Skoda are mentioned here. Porsche and Audi are already producing e cars. Not many, but the info would round out the article.

  5. VW has his forced worker work in the Uighuren region “forgetting”. There is also a Bev production possible and will certainly come.

    VW has a historical “expertise” in dealing with totalitarian countries, which has gained until today in the company name and corporate top.

    Also proved VW that you know how to produce cheap “premium” and convinces customers with important things like “gap dimensions” and “haptics”.

    Compliance with rules and morality seems to generate enough “recognition” in the consumer.

  6. The fact that VW on the map is geographically confused the sites Zwickau and Dresden is already embarrassing; (Probably the young Wolfsburg trainee who had to create the drawing on behalf of the dear boss on the computer, even in life east of Wolfsburg had never been on the way &# 128521; Can still be in life.


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