Which roll semiconductor plays in the electrification

Which roll semiconductor plays in the electrification-semiconductor

Patrick Morgan, Vice President Automotive at Analog Devices, one of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers, talked in detail with the managed automotive electronics expertise on the currently enormous demand for the company’s products and the role of semiconductors in automotive core areas such as the electrification of the powertrain.

“The automotive business at Analog Devices is running really well,” says Morgan at the beginning of the interview. He sees his company as a leader in important areas such as “, for example, when electrifying the drive strands for electric and hybrid vehicles, in autonomous driving, in the interior electronics, but also in safety”. Integrive sales of more than $ 6 billion (about 5 billion euros) contributes to the automotive business about 15 to 20 percent, with the fastest growth in electromobility be the fastest growth. Analog Devices also see the automotive industry “as key driver in the sustainability”, as it increasingly turns to the electrification of all vehicle drives.

“We currently have a pretty nerve-wracking time with high demand and short supply throughout the semiconductor industry,” says Morgan about the current delivery situation. Analog Devices – How many others of its competitors also – “Substantial Investments made to ensure a safe and robust supply chain”. In general, above all, the demand in the car area was significantly increased: since the manufacturers increasingly turn into the direction of electric cars, demand in this area increased annually by 35 to 40 percent.

Cooperation between car and semiconductor manufacturers has changed in recent years, as Morgan explains. Nowadays, speed is “essential, and platforms are on the upswing”. Cars are becoming more and more “to the data center on wheels associated with the Cloud”. Innovations are currently valued “even more valued than ever before,” said the manager. The automotive industry is currently “super-dynamic” and gain almost innovative solutions, such as battery management (BMS).

“The BMS is a manner of interesting system,” says Morgan. On the one hand, the battery is the most expensive part of an electric car and makes a good third of total vehicle costs. On the other hand, she is Mr. via performance and reach. For example, in the BMS, it is important, for example, to measure the cell voltage as accurately as possible, so that the more accurate the residual range can be determined. The latter “but also from the chemistry, the temperature and many other factors,” explains Morgan, who claims to have developed the “world’s most accurate battery management system” from his company.

“But accuracy is not everything,” says Morgan. “There are many more aspects and thereby giving technologies, for example the topic wireless communication”, which enormously enable the scaling of battery technology, as a wireless BMS is unnecessary wiring within the battery. In addition, the automakers can give the batteries a different shape and scale them based on the modules “. For Second-Life applications of the batteries after use in the vehicle, wireless communication is also helpful because the power data of the power stores can be easily tapped in this way.

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