White house introduces plan to expand the e-loading network

White house introduces plan to expand the e-loading network-e-loading

With the “Biden-Harris Electric Vehicle Charging Action Plan“, the White House wants to massively expand the charging infrastructure in the USA. $ 7.5 billion will be invested to the US charging network of currently about 100.000 to 500.Expand 000 charging points. For comparison: Europe and UK are already on 321.000 charging points.

Currently, a consultation process with the industry representatives to understand the requirements and to ensure that the available money is really installed. Talks are conducted with national and local government officials, manufacturers, environmental protection organizations, NGOs and representatives of indigenous. A separate advisory body for electric vehicles is created which should start the end of the first quarter 2022 the work. Interests can transmit their ideas about their own portal. In addition, a common office for energy and transport is established to bundle resources, talents and expertise. This office will ensure that the affected agencies work together better, and act as a “one-stop shop” for all relevant topics.

For states and cities, a comprehensive guideline and standard standards are developed so that charging points are strategically developed as part of the national network along the highways. The focus is on disadvantaged and rural areas and the possibility to bring more private chapters into the expansion of the shop network. The intelligent integration of the charging points into the power grid are the topic of the guide. At the latest on the 13th. May the Ministry of Transportation would like to publish national standards for charging points to ensure the functionality, security and accessibility. For the highways, so-called “alternative fuel corridors” were created, a removal plan that should guarantee that you can cross the entire US consistently with alternatively powered vehicles – also electrical vehicles -.

In order to secure the value creation in the country, conversations with domestic manufacturers and the auto industry are also led. It should be identified that charging infrastructure that meet the national requirements of the USDot Buy America, a plan for public procurement of American products. All manufacturing process levels should take place in the USA, including promotions only for the purchase of American electric vehicles.

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2 thoughts on “White house introduces plan to expand the e-loading network”

  1. “In order to secure the added value in the country, conversations with domestic manufacturers and the auto industry are also led.”

    Musk does not need to keep an appointment. Because he is not known in the white house not even the cat table. According to the latest allegations of sexual harassment after being broken in October only for systematic racism, especially not.

  2. Does not have to do directly with the topic but with “buy America”.
    It will be high time that Tax in Europe “comes for the US digital corporations – analogous to the US principle of course only for this – I think of an estimated margin of 80% and 50% income taxes.
    European companies should be preferred in parallel with orders and taxes.
    Oh .. to every Tesla in Germany 30% approval tax and exclusion of any promotion. Let’s see what’s going on with the TM2.


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