Why ceramics in battery production is so important

Why ceramics in battery production is so important-production

Stefan Veltum, CTO The Moeshter Group from Dortmund specialized on high-performance materials, talked to Battery News about the special challenges in the production of batteries, about precise tools and their handling, and why play a crucial role in all of the material ceramic.

“We get a significant increase in inquiries and joint projects in the market,” says Veltum about the state of affairs in the battery market. His company specializes in transferring production processes from prototype production to the series. And since the e-auto market is massively growing, the Moeschter Group “also a strong rising number of companies engaging in the market of battery production“. For example, the expertise of the company in the field of high-performance ceramics, which are used, which are used in the production of battery cells.

“The application bandwidth is big,” says Veltum about the versatile material, as it has “from home from outstanding properties”, for example “wear resistance, electrical insulation and anti-stick effect. She is not magnetizable and now also impact-tough, “explains the manager. All these features allow a wide range to use, as Veltum enumer: “Typical fields of application are approximately in devices and systems as a wear-resistant, non-flammable material for jaws and spacers, or even in the systems as an electrical insulator when it comes to gripper technology, Handling technology or positioning technology goes, or in the joining technique, for example as a base or splash protection during welding “. Ceramics even be “partially alternative”, says Veltum. For example, there is “no other wear-resistant electrical insulator”.

The Moeschter Group amounted to “Some German OEM and the associated plant construction” and often work with developers and companies that specialize in sub-areas, “explains Veltum. Sophisticated manufacturing processes and materials can provide the company’s customers some benefits, he says. For example, by developing an optimal process for the production.

And the use of ceramics is advantageous in this regard to other materials such as steel: for a very good efficiency of the battery systems, it is essential, so Veltum, “that the materials used in the system are cleanly processed and not contaminated”. For example, steel “used as a stop, gripper, cutting knives or the like, can lead to conductive abrasion. Ceramic does not happen “. Therefore, full-ceramic cutting blades in the battery flour production have been used for a long time, explains the CTO of the Moeshter Group.

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