Why the ID.4 GTX superior to its combustion counterpart

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Why the ID.4 GTX superior to its combustion counterpart-combustion

SUV boom. Your drivers love the sense of space and the sporty driving pleasure. But that is still contemporary in view of a threatening climate catastrophe? Frank Bekemeier, Chief Technology Officer e-mobility at Volkswagen, and Jens Obernolte, Head of Energy and Weight Management, explain in a VW self-published interview, as the ID.4 in the powerful GTX version Environmental awareness and driving pleasure under a hat.

A climate-friendly SUV is just different than one wishes no contradiction in itself, as Obernolte explained. “The ID.4 GTX is a fully electric SUV that does not stop exhaust, but offers a lot of performance, “he says. “There you can be a good conscience with a sporty and at the same time efficient four-wheel drive”, and with the driving experience and the comfort, which appreciates the supporters of the much criticized body form.

“The great fascination in the ID.4 GTX is the silent power of the drive. If you get the right pedal full, push up to 220 kW – out of the stand, with great force and without any delay, but practically silent, “Obernolte continues. From the stand, the all-wheel drive car accelerates in 6.2 seconds at pace 100, faster than the Golf GTI. “And because the battery is like a weight in the vehicle floor, the ID has.4 GTX a much deeper focus as a conventional SUV – that lets him lying down on the street, “explains the engineer the benefits of electric drive.

Why the ID.4 GTX superior to its combustion counterpart-superiorVolkswagen

The E-Mobility CTO Geugeel refers to the different design of the two independent E-machines on the front and rear axle in this context. In most of the everyday situations, only the electric machine in the stern is working. “We have decided here for a permanent synchronous motor because it is particularly efficient,” says. Only with higher power requirement, the front engine switches to, an asynchronous machine. This has other advantages: “It is very compact and light, and it produces only minimal trail losses when it comes uncompromant.”

This dual motor four-wheel drive is characterized above all in contrast to burners by a particularly high efficiency. “He comes without clutch and cardan shaft, so without large components, which cause friction losses in the mechanical four-wheel drive,” explains Obernolte. In the ID.4 GTX, on the other hand, “Do we only need to switch streams – but as intelligent and efficient as possible”, for example, if it goes to the delay phases and to recipate the vehicle. This energy recovery reduces consumption and increases the range.

Why VW puts full on E cars

This efficiency, which is unattainable for other drives, should also be the reason why Volkswagen puts so massively on the battery electric drive, thus Obernolte: “Battery and E-machines transform the energy used to 70 to 80 percent in propulsion”, so the engineer. The generation of neither a fuel cell car nor a combustion operated with sustainably produced fuels (E-Fuels). For hydrogen, the efficiencies in the range of 25 to 30 percent and E-Fuels are even significantly below.

Obernolte compensates for this on the following example: the ID.4 GTX consuming in NEFZ cycle 16.3 kWh to 100 kilometers. A corresponding combustion with gasoline engine come to a consumption of about 7 liters per 100 kilometers – “but that corresponds to an energy of around 60 kWh, because its efficiency is more than three times lower than the E-car,” says Obernolte. With the diesel engine, the energy balance “not so much better, because we talk about about 50 kWh per 100 kilometers”.

Another great strength of the electric drive is its low space requirement. If the internal combustion engine is eliminated with its ancillary units, the designer can design a short front car and a correspondingly large interior. “From the outside is the ID.4 GTX A compact and agile SUV, but inside it offers lush space for the family and for everything that should be on board, “says Geemier.

Bekemeel also refers to the fact that the climate balance of electric cars is much better than those of other drives: “If we have the ID.4 Compare with a conventional car, he achieves a clearly positive CO2 balance sheet, “says the manager. If he was operated with the average EU current mix, then be his CO2 footprint “after much less than 100.000 kilometers driven less than that of a comparable combustion. When loading with eco flow, this tilting point “even reached by a third earlier”.

Therefore, VW also promotes the expansion of renewable energies and invest until 2025 in a large scale in new wind and solar parks in Europe. “We want to make sure that the entire electricity, which our E-fleet needed on the road, comes from green energy,” says Beemeier.

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  1. It is amazing that Mr. Bekemeier comes to such findings, where his boss, Mr. D., speaks of technology-faced, and thus means drives with e-fuels and hydrogen.
    If you are so convinced of the electric drive, why will then continue burners without end
    built. The current worldwide catastrophes require concrete environmental protection goals. These statements by VW are contradictory and thus unbelievable.

  2. How outdated the guideways is at VW, antiquated test cycles are already shown in the linguistic use!
    NEFZ 16.3 ???
    Probably the gentlemen still count there in D-Mark, while a vehicle in euros is only half as expensive – the numbers according to at least &# 128578;

    It is always over again how the “great performance” is always measured at the burning GTI – but a GTI leaves almost every BEV at the traffic light.

    My Tip: Just compare with Tesla, then you are back in the reality of today’s performance and efficiency in the reality of today &# 128578;

  3. You want to pick up burners and lead to the electrical future, also which OEM is officially comparing with Tesla, so it would need something like backbone ..

    Let’s talk about the sale of Electrify America Dear VW AG – Electrify America is part of the penalty for the Megadielslleichen with which one knowingly poisonedly poisoned!

    https: // http://www.Valuefokus.AT / News / 632047-Volkswagen-AG-Sold Participation-An-Electrify-America


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