Wild frenzy: New York police hunt down speed devils


New York police hunt down speed devils

A hobby racing driver boasts of having lapped Manhattan in record time in his BMW Z4. He shot a video of the hunt and put it on the net. This made him a horror of the citizens.

E.r is called "Afroduck" and is a hero for the American PS community. For others he is just the "speed devil", as the New York Post calls the new fear of citizens from the US metropolis.

Meanwhile, his true identity is also known. Christopher Adam Tang, 30 years old and owner of a BMW Z4. He set a bizarre record with the sleek sports car. Tang aka Afroduck circled the Manhattan peninsula in 24 minutes and seven seconds. To prove it, he uploaded the trip, which he captured with a dashcam, to YouTube.

Now 24 minutes for a distance of 26 miles (42 kilometers) and a resulting average speed of 66 miles / 106 km / h does not sound particularly great if you take a lap around the Nordschleife for comparison. But as is well known, New York City is a city that never sleeps and where the traffic never rests – just as the streets were lively on the night of August 26th when the video was shot.

Just stopped by six traffic lights

Afroduck never circled Manhattan on a cordoned off route, but in normal flowing traffic; the megacity will not be the venue for Formula 1 until the coming season. And so Afroduck’s hunt in the time-lapse video looks like an anticipation of the full throttle circuit and the perfect lap on a game console.

He wildly changes lanes back and forth on the ring roads, always avoiding slower cars. Flies past them in his sports car. Turns into confusing tunnel passages, shoots out of them again while flying blind. His journey is only interrupted at six traffic lights, at which he – properly – stops.

Opposite the Jalopnik website, the driver of the 3.0-liter BMW with manual transmission defended the record drive against his critics. "Being a fast driver doesn’t automatically mean driving recklessly."

But because, in the opinion of the authorities, not only good driving skills are important and there is not a speed limit on New York highways for nothing, police chief Ray Kelly promised after the video was published: "We will bring the guy down."

BMW confiscated

To do this, the officers used the material from high-resolution cameras that had recently been installed to monitor New York traffic and recognize license plates. Law enforcement officer Kelly leaves no doubt that he considers Afroduck’s stunt to be "extremely risky" and wants to deter imitators who try to undercut Afroduck’s record drive.

The tickling of the lawn is widespread in the United States and illegal racing is a long tradition. The cannonball race from the east to the west coast is a myth and has already been made into a film. The six-part auto film series "Fast and the Furios" grossed $ 1.5 billion in cinemas

The first fast and illegal race lap around Manhattan was done by a certain Alex Roy, he took about 27 minutes in 2001, and a group of car crazy people called CBC was about a minute faster in 2011. There is video material from both trips.

For Raser Tang it will be an aftermath against. His BMW was confiscated, he is threatened with a lawsuit for various violations of the road traffic regulations.

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