Wish after promotion: hydrogen beats battery car

Wish after promotion: hydrogen beats battery car-battery

The e-mobility goes past the wishes of the Germans? While the manufacturers are increasingly on battery drive, many citizens plead in a survey for a promotion of hydrogen cars. This reports the mirror. Battery powered cars thus weakly cut off, as well as the recent load wheels.

Lastly, in Germany, almost every ninth new car drove purely battery-electric, it is called. A total of about one million e-cars (including plug-in hybrid) are registered in Germany. Hydrogen cars, on the other hand, are still in a tiny niche. Your number will not be shown separately in official statistics. In October 2020, the news magazine identified 507 approved vehicles. However, many Germans continue to hope for the breakthrough.

Around 39 percent of respondents spoke out to urgently promote cars with fuel cells to promote the roadside. For battery-powered E cars pleads only 14 percent. Especially many fans has the fuel cell according to the mirror in voters and electors of Union and FDP. Almost every second of them wishes support for technology. In green pendants, hydrogen and battery are most densiest (28 to 23 percent).

The biggest encouragement in the survey received public transport with 61 percent. Behind this followed the long-distance traffic of the train with 41 percent. The result represents greatly the wishes of the majority of motorists, the road expert Andreas Knee is quoted. “Car driving wishes to expand public transport, so that more space is on the road. You do not drive yourself.”

The fact that vehicles bookable via app, such as carsheld or car sharing trigger little enthusiasm, surprises knees. These are still not really known means of transport – except in big cities. “Otherwise, only about one-third of the population know what carsharing is actually.”Scientists, however, speak such systems a great potential.

Accordingly, e-bikes, bicycles and loading wheels want to know that only 15 percent of voters and voters are urgently supported by the state. Particularly large is the encouragement for promoting these vehicles for unemployed (30 percent). The idea that, above all, good earners in Hip districts want to use or use load wheels, seems to be not covered by reality.

Most recently, the Greens had stimulated the public sector should promote the purchase of a load wheel with 1000 euros. Union Group Vice Ulrich Long warned, the use of only one “clientele whose way of life should be generously subsidized”. The FDP also worried that low earners would be burdened in favor of rich. Almost all over the line have failed with the Germans apparently E-Scooters. That this means of transport is supported, only one percent wants.

Many people still hold battery electric cars despite buying bonuses for too expensive, which last revealed a survey of the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). For 63 percent, high acquisition costs are talking about a purchase. Further purchases see the respondents in the small number of charging stations (64 percent), the duration of the store (53 percent) and the range of vehicles (59 percent). 58 percent of respondents consider it questionable whether E-cars are more genuine-friendly than burners.

The German state currently promotes both battery and hydrogen cars. Buyers and buyers receive up to 6000 euros grant from the state about the Federal Office for Economics and Export Control. In addition, up to 3000 euros (net) discount from the manufacturer. However, only e-cars are promoted in this program, the maximum 65.000 Euro costs (net list price). The full sentence is only available for cars, the maximum 40.000 Euro costs. Thus, buyers of Toyota Mirai (from 54.000 Euro) only the lower state subsidy in the amount of 5000 euros. Not on the conveyor list is the more expensive Hyundai Nexo.

Further hydrogen car series models are currently not available in Germany. Peugeot will soon offer a transporter with the drive, BMW plans for the end of 2022 a fuel cell X5, available for a selected customer circuit. However, there are just 92 petrol stations and the fuel is significantly more expensive than electricity. Volkswagen boss Herbert This has emphasized several times that it considers the hydrogen technology for cars as largely pointless.

Sticking point in hydrogen is its poor energy balance: for its production large amounts of electricity are required. Under the line, the efficiency of hydrogen drive according to VW is only 25 to 35 percent, the battery car is therefore 70 to 80 percent.

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7 thoughts on “Wish after promotion: hydrogen beats battery car”

  1. Unfortunately an article with little draft and a dubious heading on picture level. On the one hand, it does not just be true that hydrogen fuel cell drives in the official Statistrik of the KBA are not shown separately. Just before the statistics or. Check the PMS to the new registrations ..

    On the other hand, these drives are already promoted via the environmental bonus, which is suggested in the article, there would be no promotion. Just ask why these vehicles have such a small proportion of new registrations? If the non-sufficient green hydrogen (yes, as the battery must be produced and loaded as green, so that climate protection is taken into account, this also applies to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles!or the still mow petrol station network or ..?

    On such a news page you should already report objective and more thoroughly if you have no own content.

  2. The much more crucial sticking point is that there is currently no green hydrogen (and in the next few years!). And if he is there, he is urgently needed for the industry.

  3. Why is always hydrogen in fuel cells. Also Metany, made of solar energy, in a fuel cell to energy and the starting materials before the solar energy recording. Storage and supply such as gasoline or diesel. So without special problems. Also in winter at minus 25 degrees and a speed of 130 km / h on the highway relax always over 500 km in it. But politics, controlled by money capital does not want. So the e-car advocates are raised against fuel interested, although they are ecologically very close to each other. Actually a pity, we should all pull on a strand – away from the fossil fuel.

  4. The German love inefficiency and pollution!
    Or most liked most of the brutal advertising campaigns of the H2 industry – they are represented on each side somewhere, probably financed by the oil and gas lobby, because they want great solutions, otherwise they are external and thus superfluous, what they are also are!

  5. Did not exist earlier?.000 €, or even 20.000 € at Mirai? Believe that said the lady of H2 mobility times.

    But no matter, many people will only be about the fear of change, the FCEV offers itself, which finally pushes it for 20 years as an excuse before.


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