Wish list: The 10 best Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts


The 10 best Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts

Wish list: The 10 best Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts-christmas

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Tenth place: The beautiful retro poster refers to the 4th Mille Miglia in 1930 from Brescia to Rome and back again. The rally was then run by Tazio Nuvolari on an Alfa Romeo won in 1750. These and other classic motorsport prints can be ordered from the British supplier newvintageposters.com. Prices from 25 to 75 pounds depending on size.

Source: newvantageposters.com

Wish list: The 10 best Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts-christmas

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Ninth place: The Porsche champagne cooler is made from an original rib cylinder from an engine from the earlier G series of the 911 series. The aluminum enclosure was added latermanufactures. The “Porsche Classic Cooler” costs 450 euros in the Porsche Shop.

Source: Porsche

Wish list: The 10 best Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts-list

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Eighth place: BMW luggage belt M. Anyone who travels a lot knows the dilemma: Which suitcase is mine on the baggage carousel? The belt in the typical color design of the Tuning subsidiary M with the logo from Metall gives the case an individual note and gives it additional stability. Available from the BMW shop for 15 euros.

Source: BMW

Wish list: The 10 best Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts-best

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Seventh place: the car perfume with a new car scent. The little water from Reimair with a spicy leather and mild walnut note spreads a touch of luxury in the car. To bepull for 39.95 euros, for example at Duftoase.de

Source: reimair.com

Wish list: The 10 best Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts-gifts

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Sixth place: the Scalfaro-Uhlenhaut watch. The Swiss blacksmith together with the family of the legendary Mercedes engineer Rudolf Uhlenhaut. The watch manufacturer Scalfaro has Now, in cooperation with the family of the car man, a wristwatch limited to 300 pieces has been launched, in whose ceramic housing elements original parts of the light metal construction of a Mercedes 300 SL gullwing have been incorporated. The watch costs 3950 euros. Information is available here.

Source: Scalfaro

Wish list: The 10 best Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts-christmas

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Fifth place. The Bugatti 35B Bugatti racing car from 1928. Those who want to become a racing driver get to grips with it early. This sporty and stylish children’s electric car achieves maximum healthspeed of 17 km / h. Handcrafted replica made of aluminum with leather by Authentic Models. Available from chroneo.de for 6500 euros.

Source: chroneo.com

Wish list: The 10 best Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts-best

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Fourth place: Classic motorsport fans will love the bags by British designer Simon Jordan. There are the stylish pieces made of fine leather in 23 different designs, iincluding “Stirling Moss”, “Lotus Clark” and the model shown “Ferrari inspired by Lauda” for 420 pounds. Available from caracalla1947.com

Source: caracalla1947.com

Wish list: The 10 best Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts-gifts

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Third place: the hairdryer that dries hair faster and more beautifully. The Babyliss Volare V1 hairdryer is for professionals. It was made in Italy and has a single enginesgerusstet, which was developed in collaboration with Ferrari and whose performance is enhanced by the turbo function. For example for 105 euros at friseurpower.de

Source: Babyliss

Wish list: The 10 best Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts-list

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Second place: the Vespa desk lamp: the Italian Vespa scooter has been a classic in Europe since 1946. The Italian artist Maurizio Lamponi Leopardi has the distinctiveElable forms of protective shield, handlebars and headlights combined to form a desk lamp. Information is available here. Price on request.

Source: lamponislamps.com

Wish list: The 10 best Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts-gifts

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First place: classic cars drive in style. Even British pilots in the 1940s wore Bentley’s classic leather glasses with chrome frames and cut glass lenses. To refer tohe Forzieri.com for 180 euros.

Source: forzieri.com

The search for original gifts begins every year. If you want to please a car lover, you can come up with a GTI sled from VW or cufflinks from Maserati.

D.he classic among gifts for horsepower lovers has been the calendar for years. Almost every automobile manufacturer has its most beautiful or the latest models printed on glossy paper. For many men, women and vehicles are a perfect match here, there is hardly any other way of explaining lightly clad models next to chic runabouts. It is precisely this cliche that the “Car Wash” calendar picks up on. You can order the bizarre gift at www.autowaesche-kalender.de.

At Christmas, of course, the pastries shouldn’t be missing: Zimtstern, nut corner and Porsche 911 Carrera. These can soon belong together, because Porsche is making cookie cutters just in time for the festival. In the Stuttgart Museum, the set with four baking tins is sold for 7 euros on Amazon a form is available for 2.15 euros.

Baby Benz for 79.90 euros

Mobile parents are particularly pleased with the practical accessories. A painting table provides entertainment on the back seat for the trip. Simply attached to the front seat, it can be opened with a zipper and offers a flexible surface for painting. The pockets and compartments also keep things tidy. If you invest 15 euros at Walzkidzz, first of all, peace and quiet on the back seat is ensured.

In elegant Monza gray, the Bobby-Benz SLS AMG makes children’s eyes shine and makes ordinary Bobby-Cars look old. The little speedster is suitable for children from 18 months and for 79.90 euros in the Mercedes Store orderable.

Usually, VW works meticulously to ensure that the vehicles do not slip. It is different with the GTI sled Crazy Bob, which offers pure snow fun. The sled with the original GTI imprint is available for 64.90 euros in the VW shop.

Table football made of wood and aluminum

Jochen Schweitzer tours offer a special gift for lovers of classic cars offer a 30-minute adventure ride in a vintage car. There is a briefing beforehand. In addition, the experience page also offers trips with a tank, excavator and other dream cars.

In order to demonstrate the affection of the brand of his choice, the car key does not always have to be draped on the table. The sympathy for Maserati can also be shown in a more subtle way. For example with shapely cufflinks. The silver accessory with the trident is available for 270 euros in the Maserati store.

At Audi, too, it goes beyond the automotive world: For the Ingolstadt-based company, Vorsprung durch Technik also counts when it comes to their table football. The handcrafted gaming table, limited to just 20 pieces, is made of wood and aluminum. Specially designed figures are on the playing field. Quality has its price here: the foosball table costs around 12,900 euros and is available online at.

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