Wishful thinking: climate change stop, only e-cars but no costs

Wishful thinking: climate change stop, only e-cars but no costs-thinking

Shortly before the Bundestag election 2021, topics are high in politics, which they looked at the past years only on the edge. But rinse strongly in the foreground due to the topicality and temporal pressure. Keyword climate change. This is just to stop or better spell out when we react. Respond quickly, because time we have no more. Therefore, it does not surprise that surveys are increasingly dealing with this topic complex and come to partly exceptional results.

Reason enough to deal with three such surveys / evaluations from society in today’s podcast, which have caused a stir in the past week. We want to start with an interview from the Suddeutsche Zeitung, in which Christian Hochfeld, head of the Thinktank agora road, has dealt with the topic of mobility of the future. According to him, these changes have to be “radical” so that the transport sector can achieve its climate protection goals: CO2 emissions must fall in this area by 2030 by a good half.

High field itself does not take a leaf in front of the mouth and clearly understand: “We all will have to change a lot,” so that this goal can be achieved. Two things must be implemented as quickly as possible in his opinion: “We need a lot more electric cars than today. And we must avoid traffic, bundle and relocate, “so the head of the Think Tank Agora road turn.

With regard to politics, high field orders the whole thing clearly. Thus, in his view, the government, which is re-elected at the end of September, introduce “unpleasant measures”. At least if you take it seriously with the subject of climate protection. This “will seem to be as if they are in the poison cabinet, they only iron out the inactivity of the previous government.” Clear words!

These unpleasant measures, as they referred to high field, gets the proverbial little man most clearly felt. On his own purse, sees itself. “For without higher prices, no government gets a solution that the Federal Constitutional Court requires, but so highly field. From his point of view, this is also known to all parties, but from comprehensible reasons, they do not want to come into their entirety with the truth, this could cost valuable votes. Finally, it is already certain today: the cost of mobility will rise. Clear.

Nevertheless, it is important to brake climate change. In the short term, this would be possible with three measures, which then need to be transferred to an overall concept. “Gasoline must be more expensive. Service car should only get tax reliefs when they drive above all. And at the car tax we have to relieve e-cars, strain snippets, “says the proposal of the Think Tank Director.

He speaks positively that the car manufacturers in Germany are already continuing than the policy and change towards e-mobility. Because there is no way over, if you want to adhere to the world’s tightening CO2 emissions and, above all, continues to achieve in export sales. The current environmental concerns, which currently exist at E-cars, are of course also tackled. Fair you should like to compare burners and e-cars but also on a level. Keywords: Origin raw materials, gasoline / electricity as well as recycling at the lives of the vehicles.

But what about those who feel the episode of climate change most likely? The end user. A survey of the field service provider Norstat examined the willingness of the Germans to adapt their mobility behavior to the changed requirements. The result: climate protection Yes, but not when it goes to your own purse. The Germans are quite open to measures that protect the climate. However, despite this openness, high fuel prices and rising taxes accrue to achieve the climate goals in great rejection. More than half of the respondents contradict an increase in gasoline prices, with tax increases, there are almost two-thirds.

The approval of e-mobility – especially E-cars – falls very low. About half of the respondents do not want to change. This goes hand in hand with a badly estimated infrastructure, especially in rural areas. Accordingly, only 38 percent of respondents see the electric car as the drive of the future. 45 percent of the surveyed values streamers as unreliable. Only 16 percent of respondents rate the infrastructure for E cars in rural areas as very good. Speak, even if the e-mobility from the point of view of the experts is the only way to stop climate change, with the respondents, this is not yet attributable to very much counter-love.

If you ask the population what these want to talk more about hydrogen vehicles than for battery-powered E cars. So the results of a survey of the mirror. Around 39 percent of respondents spoke out to urgently promote cars with fuel cells to promote the roadside. For battery-powered E cars pleads only 14 percent. Especially many fans has the fuel cell according to the mirror in voters and electors of Union and FDP. Almost every second of them wishes support for technology. In green pendants, hydrogen and battery are most densiest (28 to 23 percent).

Against e-cars with batteries, the high cost (63 percent of the respondents) are probably. As well as the small number of charging stations (64 percent), the duration of the store (53 percent) and the range of vehicles (59 percent). 58 percent of respondents consider it questionable whether E-cars are more genuine-friendly than burners. Here it seems as if the policy as well as the car manufacturers still have to operate educational work. Of course we also try to contribute our part.

To exit the discussion of hydrogen or battery-powered E-car: The efficiency of hydrogen drive lies according to VW only at 25 to 35 percent, the battery car comes to 70 to 80 percent. What is the more meaningful technology seems clear. or!?

You are welcome to send me questions about e-mobility by mail, which deal with you in everyday life. The answer to it could also be of interest to other listeners of the podcast. As always, reviews, comments and co. Of course I am happy. So gladly, also for the topic suggestions already mentioned. And about a positive rating, at the podcast provider of your choice, I am of course very happy! thank you.

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5 thoughts on “Wishful thinking: climate change stop, only e-cars but no costs”

  1. The survey speaks for tremendous ignorances in the population. Alone a sentence shows this:

    Around 39 percent of respondents spoke out to urgently promote cars with fuel cells to promote the roadside.

    If I do not mistake with the environmental premium, hydrogen vehicles are also promoted.

    In the end it will go over the purse. And if you can believe the gentlemen Dies & Co, there will be no more favorable private mobility as the E-car at the end of this decade.

    Yesterday I had a discussion in the family again and there is talking about a wall. People are a rock party convinced that this will stop at the stand of today. Without really having a idea what the state of the art is up to date.

  2. In the election campaign 1990 Helmut Kohl promised blooming landscapes, while his then competitor Oskar Lafontaine said clearly and logically founded that reunification would not give the zero tariff. But this was despite SPD belonging as a red away, it did not take understood. The following election results brought German conclusions another eight years flowering landscapes fairytale counting. A comment in my daily newspaper took the saying “honestly lasts the longest” for the basis and found that honesty in politics from the voter not only not rewarded, but will be frightened by a defiant child to believe that the belief in the Santa Claus broken. Infantile companies are propaganda prone.
    So repeats in the program and electoral advisors (SIC) of the former folk parties and the economic fiberties only the same, now on the subject of climate change and road turn.

  3. In Austria, the Chancellor “Synthetic Fuels” has proclaimed as a solution to all problems. The policy does not clarify, but specifically “disinformed”. Too strong are the lobbys in the background.
    And the citizens would probably be quite ready to pay twice for the artificial fuels while running at the CO2 control amok.

  4. Actually, the knowledge is available, why has it so big trouble to enforce oneself?
    On such questions, a Wilhelm Busch must have been desperate long ago:

    So is a decision:
    That man has to learn something.-
    Not just the ABC
    Brings people to the hOh ‘;
    Not alone in writing, read
    Exercises a reasonable nature;
    Not alone in accounts
    Should man be trouble,
    But also teach wisdom
    You have to hear with pleasure.

    Well, our company is apparently not very pleasurable. We probably had bad luck.

  5. Hello Sebastian,

    I have just heard your podcast and despite my political preference, I still have a car interested.Why only interested?My family needs 2 burners, as we both do not come to work in an appropriate time with the public transport, which makes the main share of our mobility
    and our life financed.The e car that we need for a 4-member family costs today over 42.000 EURO.Our two burners together did not even cost 3/4 of it.Means: We can not afford it as a family.In addition, there is a piece of infrared structure that forces us to wear a 3 week old baby or the purchase 1km from the end of the charging.Little practical.And then the external loading costs more than currently the fuel.Here too a financial disadvantage.As a tenant without personal charging option, we have nothing else than the burner.That’s the reality of many German with good salaries.So what should you do?Cheaper cars, with personal charging options, at market prices, are therefore compelling prerequisite for the breakthrough of the E cars.

    LG Quinn


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