Wissing confused with sweeping at E-Fuels

Wissing confused with sweeping at E-Fuels-sweeping

With contradictory statements, Volker Wissing (FDP) was launched in his new office as the Federal Traffic Minister. In an interview with the Berlin Tagesspiegel, published last Thursday, he had e-Fuels, also called synthetic fuels, issued a cancellation in the car area: “We need to use the different energy sources where they are most efficient. This is the car of the electric drive, “explained Wissing in the interview (we reported). E-Fuels would especially need urgent in the air traffic, and “for the foreseeable time” will not give enough E-Fuels, “to operate the now approved cars with an internal combustion engine,” he said.

On the same evening in the Bundestag, the Minister of Transport was much more open to the idea of using synthetic fuels in the car area: “E-mobility is an important building block for compliance with climate protection goals. The same applies but also for electricity-based fuels – E-Fuels, “he said. These are “not only in air traffic and shipping” meaningful, but also “in commercial vehicles and of course also in the existing fleets of cars”. To reduce CO2 is important “every post” important. Mobility must be “further developed in the future”, which Wissing quoted the election program of his party and the coalition agreement.

It is not yet foreseeable, “Which technological opportunities the future offers us”. Using Available Technology, is likely to “never say a ban on new technologies. Mobility is diverse, so we can not switch everything to a drive.”

The motion for Wissings turnaries should have been the partly outraged reactions to his statements in the interview. The Managing Director of the E-Fuel Alliance, Ralf Diemer, threw Wissing to contradict the coalition agreement, in which the new government can insist on it, “that can be detected detectable only with e-fuel vehicles.”Also Thomas Meib, Traffic Politic Speaker of the CDU / CSU Bundestag Faction, Wissing threw a” clear word fracture “.

After the Bundestag speech, the E-Fuel Alliance at LinkedIn commented on the “clarification” with relief, also aissey on Twitter on the one hand at the other side critical words: “This morning in daily mirror says Transport Minister Wissing The future of cars is purely electrical. Tonight in the Bundestag, E-Fuels and synthetic fuels play a role in the passenger passenger passport. Germany needs a government that knows what she wants, “tweeting.

Environmentalists, however, are disappointed with Wissings statements. Daniel Rieger, Traffic expert at Nabu, tweeted, “Praised this morning, Wissing rudds again at the appearance in the Bundestag in E-Fuels for cars again. Regrettable. Would have been a strong prelude of his term. Now threaten more years of half-hearted electromobility policy?”, he wrote.

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7 thoughts on “Wissing confused with sweeping at E-Fuels”

  1. From the article:

    “” Praised this morning, Wissing rudds again at the appearance in the Bundestag in E-Fuels for cars again. Regrettable.”

    Yes very!

    Yesterday I wrote here first:

    “What a difference to the previous” CSU-Pfeffen “- further probation

    Pity, probation forfeited!

  2. Who has also been seriously believed, that the FDP leaves their clientele in the rain, just because the increased climate catastrophes are increasingly causing us more damage worldwide.

    Party donations are more important to politicians than the climate, because the climate does not pay a party donation, no dOslchen and no good-paid lectures – many politicians are corrupt.

    The FDP in the new government As a brother at the energy transition, I look at the energy transition, along with CDU / CSU they should topize the climate goals of the Greens in the next few years – again lost years?

    Apparently, many more and larger climate catastrophes have to come before there is a real energy transition and not only hesitant approaches or pseudo solutions that basically do nothing.

    PV and wind turbines in Germany once jumped as a tiger and then landed as a bedhead, because of the lobbyists abundantly built-in tax and bureaucratic obstacles.

    I can only hope for the massive protests of youth, which is brought by the old policy caste for their future, and hope that the youth has enough energy for a year’s fight.

  3. Volker Wissing is from the training lawyer. But he was most recently in Rhineland-Palatinate Economic and Transport Ministers. One could have been able to work in the topic of traffic anymore. Pity. I hope he will not double-double.

  4. Since he has just tried a piece of my own politics and in the way back from the secret boss Lindner immediately get the Kasperklatsche.

  5. Well, reasonable, realistic knowledge is just the one, for too expected party donations the other. For the meckling lobby you have to rest back then. That was never different. Coming from the pharmacy environment was similar years ago. That’s all well practiced at this party; ()

  6. Since “beginning” of this so-called e-mobility I am also confused. People the environmental protection with “new” green-electricity preaching like the disciples of Jesus have no green electricity. But they want to save the earth with electrically driving with carbon and nuclear electricity. The main thing, the whole madness is paid by the so-called specialist. And nature? Those interested as usual, no sow …… Blah-Blah-Blah – only electric …… The Oberhit there, everyone knows, everyone looks. You do not have any alternative to the oil and natural gas. All action necessary for this alleged e-mobil need burners and combustion spit. But where are these heroes of e-truth? Disappeared in mouse holes? You read their “truths” in e-mobility Bibles and sees disel ships and diesel machines and more and more charging columns with sockets without green stream. Earth are going on more and more lights that are unmistakably unmistakable from space, the light spot polluting more and more the biodiversity of the Panel Planet is used around the clock to rays. More and more non-existent green stream will be abused in tons of unususes and IE top hits need GIGA batteries and 600 kW drive performance to save energy. Bites a smart hand in the tail? no! A smart dog knows that hurts and listens.


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