Wissing: Loading must be as easy as refueling

Wissing: Loading must be as easy as refueling-loading

The renamed Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport occurs in terms of e-loading infrastructure on the gas. Federal Minister of Transport Wissing Currently clearly represents in an interview with the SWR that the automakers must also see in the duty.

The new title of the Ministry Make it clear: digitization is no longer an appendage, but a central concern of the Federal Government. Just as for the infrastructure for the booming e-auto market, Wissing sees not only the state alone as an implementation manager. The rapid expansion of the infrastructure is “no delivery debt of the state” as he emphasizes. The automotive industry would have the greatest interest in the charging infrastructure and would therefore be the same in the responsibility. The shop must be as easy as refueling. The automakers should therefore join a dialogue with the state to develop a common concept, as the expansion can be done as soon as possible. However, the manufacturers would only have large demands and expectations to the state.

The automaker association VDA is not the expansion of the charging infrastructure for E-cars not fast enough. Understanding President Hildegard Muller considers a top meeting of the industries involved. That reports “time.de “Calling on different sources. Petrol stations, building industry, parking operators and energy suppliers, but also the municipalities should finally “develop a concrete plan, as the expansion accelerates and loading for people simpler and faster,” Muller said the “mirror”. Federal Minister of Transport Volker Wissing was open to joint discussions.

Wissing has not only the loading infrastructure in focus. He is planning the expansion of bike paths and investments in the rail. Mobility should not be luxury, but must remain affordable for all. Otherwise, the internationally agreed climate goals could not be achieved. In recent years, too little had happened here in Germany. “We want to give gas now!”He stresses.

Away from electromobility and climates, however, Wissing also urges a comprehensive expansion of the Internet infrastructure. Necessary fiberglass must be standard and the “white spots” of the mobile supply can be closed as soon as possible. The state will also precede consistent use of digitization in everyday life, especially in the administration. The economic aid during the Corona pandemic had been a classic example of how the state was overwhelmed when he had to act quickly, but not digitally upgraded. That should not be repeated.

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4 thoughts on “Wissing: Loading must be as easy as refueling”

  1. From the article:

    “The […] Federal Ministry […] occurs in terms of e-loading infrastructure on the gas.”

    There are me both for the author (as well as the minister &# 128578; ) At the time of replacing this (right here) very inappropriate metaphor to make sense!
    Wissings called demand:

    “Loading must be as easy as you refuel.”

    For wallbox users (like me) at least at home has long been reality:
    Car parking – plug in … To drive away: Plug out – ready!
    Minister Wissing is also quoted with the statement:

    “The rapid expansion of the infrastructure is” no delivery debt of the state “as he emphasizes.”

    That should be “the others-Solln’s payment” -vda-Muller just write behind the ears!

  2. Oh, if refueling would only be so easy, as loading is generally already.


    • At home: plug in and ready
    • In the work: Stick plug, unlock with brand and finished
    • At the discounter: plug in and finished
    • On the way: plug in and authenticate with map and done. Which card is sometimes the problem – that could be easier
    • Foreign countries: each country differently. A gray, how to pay or. can / must authenticate. That’s easier

    But always it is the same electricity. If you only know that you should take CCS and not type 2 when fast shop. Caught never breaks, only takes too long.

    With Plug & Charge it could be much easier. Would be nice if Tesla ISO 15118 would support, but you probably have no interest (not invented here syndrome), software should you be able to. But the other companies have to implement it.


    • Needs my car diesel or gasoline? Ever fueled gas into a diesel? I already, but have noticed in time. 300 € for towing and sucking
    • Goes your car with E10 or needs E5. Is great or should it be super plus? Is winter diesel useful? What brings me> = 100 octane? If 1% of the burner drivers can answer these questions correctly, that would be a miracle. This is not easy and customers are constantly pulled over the table.
    • For the vacation trip: who knows the name of diesel and gasoline in all state languages of Europe and also the differences in octane numbers or other special lactics? What is the payment abroad. Already in Italy with prepayment elected the wrong tap and then tries to get the money back? Can I sufficiently Italian? Has € 17 and 2h cost a part of the money.

    I find the feeling easier than refueling, if I am in the domestic. Abroad, the variants do not give much advantage for the burners.

  3. If an e-battery is unexpectedly empty you have a considerable problem with pure streams. You can not just give starring. There must be the ADAC in doubt with generator trucks. I remember those who had to stay on the highway in the highway or stood in the traffic jam. With a full tank there was at least a few hours of heat. With reserve canister, auxiliary services could get the cars fled again. That falls away in the future. Each vehicle must be removed with a emergency room diesel again. When is a 5km long jam dissolved?


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