With power, charm and dynamism

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With power, charm and dynamism

The first Mini with an electric drive in the test: Does the Mini also work with electricity??

Mini Cooper SE

Whoever buys a Mini not only buys a car, but also an attitude towards life. The Mini, especially as a compact three-door, wants to be an agile city runabout, young and dynamic with a good dose of sportiness, which is underpinned by the rally successes in the past.

But the step into the future is also more important than the past for Mini: without electrified drives, the British BMW subsidiary cannot meet the increasingly stringent CO2 laws either. A complex plug-in hybrid can easily be accommodated in the larger Countryman. But there is only one solution for the small three-door car: fully electric!

The building blocks for this are available in the BMW Group. The drive from the BMW i3 finds space in the three-door and gives it 183 hp and 270 Nm of torque – almost as much as the Cooper S with a petrol engine brings to the front wheels. This means that the Mini Cooper SE can be moved quickly and sportily – because the maximum torque is always available immediately and the batteries are installed deep in the vehicle, which lowers the center of gravity. On the other hand, you have to endure the very tight suspension, which causes unrest, especially on bad roads. But that is no different with the petrol engine.

With power, charm and dynamism-charm

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With power, charm and dynamism-dynamism

With power, charm and dynamism-dynamism

With power, charm and dynamism-power

With power, charm and dynamism-charm

With power, charm and dynamism-charm

With power, charm and dynamism-dynamism

With power, charm and dynamism-charm

With power, charm and dynamism-dynamism

Mini Cooper SE

As with any e-car, the big issue is of course the range. Mini forecasts 235 to 270 km according to WLTP measurement. In everyday life you should reckon with around 210 kilometers. The Mini does not set any top values ​​- in the Opel Corsa e, for example, 300 kilometers are also possible – but if you mainly drive the little one in the city and ideally can charge it at home or at work, you will be fine with it. Only the indication of range in the new, digital speedometer is irritating. It is based on the consumption of the last few kilometers and therefore always makes changing forecasts; but mostly it is rather pessimistic and you get further than the electronics predict. With a basic price of 39,900 francs, the Mini is no bargain – especially in view of the range offered. But if you value design and driving pleasure, the Mini is also interesting as a Stromer.

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