With which e-cars General Motors is going into the electromobile breadth

With which e-cars General Motors is going into the electromobile breadth-going

The US automaker General Motors, number 3 in the industry worldwide in terms of sales figures, has big plans for its electrified future: By 2025, GM wants to introduce a good 30 new electric models across its brands such as Chevrolet, Cadillac, GMC, Buick and Corvette – all of which will be based on the new Ultium electric car platform. GM President Mark Reuss has now revealed some interesting details about his strategy at an event for investors.

General Motors aims to double its annual sales by 2030 while increasing its margins as it transitions to an all-electric future. And the main goal is to overtake the current industry leader Tesla in the home country. GM currently has to be content with second place in terms of sales of electric cars in the USA. In order to reduce the gap as quickly as possible, GM is starting with the electrification of its model range with the most popular models. The manufacturer wants to present an electric version of its bestseller Chevrolet Silverado as early as next January. The pick-up alone is responsible for almost a third of all GM models sold.

After the Silverado, the mid-size SUV Chevrolet Equinox sells best, together they make up a good half of all GMs sold. And this volume model should also soon be available as an electrified version, as Reuss announced, with around 30.000 US dollars (about 26.000 euros) attractively priced in the area of the current combustion engine variants. The SUV Blazer placed above the Equinox is also to be electrified in the near future.

And then, according to Reuss, GM is working on something else from a pricing perspective, “but we’re not ready to discuss the details of that yet.As for this new, as yet unnamed Chevrolet electric car, it’s rumored to be a successor to the Bolt compact electric car, roughly Golf-sized, and priced at around $20.000 dollars (about 17.000 euros) to go on sale.

Fueled by the launch of these and several other new electric models, GM predicts that EV sales will grow from about $10 billion in 2023 to about $90 billion a year by 2030. The role played by the European market for the world’s third-largest automaker remains unclear. GM has largely pulled out of Europe since selling Opel in 2017. In Germany, for example, the Corvette is still available, as is the mid-size SUV Cadillac XT4, all of which have combustion engines. Some importers also bring GM vehicles across the Atlantic in small numbers. Upcoming electric cars such as the Cadillac Lyriq should also be offered in this country, they say.

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  1. From the point of view of the competitors, it was to be feared that GM would tighten the price screw. Solid and inexpensive, just as conservative customers want it. China offers will not be able to find a foothold on the market, and this is not good news for Tesla either, if established manufacturers with customers and a service network are significantly cheaper. Because a premium surcharge for the Tesla brand cannot be enforced. In your home country, the precarious working conditions are more present and also the fact that you are not allowed to have a say with the president on car issues. So is the investigation by the NHTSA, the powerful transportation agency, into Tesla.

  2. Wait and see and drink tea – should Saul (E-car preventer) really have become a Paul?

    The year 2024 will be exciting and the question of who will become President of the USA – and what GM will then build in 2025.


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