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Although Dacia with the "Spring" at least an electric car (S.Video), you try to reduce CO₂ fleet emissions with a different strategy and thus avoid fines of the EU. Smaller engines with fewer emissions are possible by savings in the weight of the combustion models. Dacia mother group Renault, on the other hand, wants to offer only Stromer from 2030.

Without a single hybrid model and with only one electric car, Dacia had to come up with something to reduce the requirements of the EU with regard to the CO₂ emissions of its entire vehicle fleet. In addition, Dacias CEO said Denis Le Vot to AutoCar that his company would simply make the vehicles easier and thus save CO₂. For Dacia as a brand in the lower price segment, however, light components made of carbon or composite materials are out of the question due to the high costs. Instead, the engineers consider which components or function in the vehicles can be deleted that are not absolutely necessary.

Lighter vehicles with smaller engines mean fewer CO2 emissions

For example, Dacia considers air conditioning to be indispensable and will continue to be installed in all vehicles. The Dacia boss Le Vot, on the other hand, said that you could do without electrically adjustable seats with numerous setting options. In addition, components should be designed as easily as possible and the seats themselves are also subject to this savings program. In fact, the Dacia seats were considered not particularly comfortable or suitable for long-haul routes by various car esters, but that should be sufficient for the requirements of most customers. The Renault offshoot has recently been marketed as a "cheap brand", but wants to pick up buyers who want to get a lot of car for little money and also accept cuts in comfort.

Although only recently announced, the concept of Dacia seems to be going. The latest series model "Jogger" is around 20 percent lighter in the basic version than comparable models of the competition. It only weighs around 1.200 kilograms and, according to Dacia boss Le Vot.

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