Woolway, Plugsurfing & Letkemann, &Charge on their cooperation

Woolway, Plugsurfing & Letkemann, &Charge on their cooperation-charge

Simon Vogt, CSO and co-founder of &Charge, has long been no stranger to loyal electric car news.net readers as well as podcast listeners. With &Charge, the first “green” loyalty program for sustainable mobility, has entered the e-mobility market. In order to have lasting success, the start-up relies on the right charging price and very little charging time. Self of course &Charge as a platform for electric mobility and rewards purchases and activities with free electricity for your own electric car. Without having to reach for your wallet yourself. In mid-July there was another update from the company &batch.

Since then, the start-up and PlugSurfing have been working together. PlugSurfing is a free charging and payment app that EV drivers can use to easily pay for charging at most of the major charging station operators in Europe. How the two companies found each other, what added value &Charge and PlugSurfing for their users and what this means in terms of convenience and simplicity, that’s what Eugen Letkemann, CEO & Founder at &Charge, and Adam Woolway, Co-Founder & MD Plugsurfing.

In mid-July you announced that you had found another partner for your green loyalty program in PlugSurfing. how did you guys get together? Why does PlugSurfing fit in so well &batch?

Eugene, &batch – Every e-car driver is familiar with Plugsurfing, which is not surprising, since Plugsurfing is one of the pioneers in the field of public charging and recognized customer needs very early on and focused on them. Plugsurfing clearly scores with a large network of charging points, reliability, transparent prices and a loyal community.

We share the same values because we are honestly interested in the success of e-mobility and want to offer real added value to customers. In addition, Plugsurfing, and Adam in particular, knows the challenges of a start-up, which is why Plugsurfing&batch just fits.

What was decisive for you to partner with &charge? What added value does the cooperation bring to your company??

Adam, plug surfing – In the past, one of the most important features of Plugsurfing has always been that, as an EV driver, you can charge anywhere you want, compared to many other EMPs. We have convinced our customers with transparency, reliability and simplicity.

However, currently, as the market is developing rapidly, mere access to a large charging network is no longer sufficient to remain competitive in the long term. Instead, you have to increasingly focus on the charging experience: what does the electric car driver want beyond charging and what can we offer them additionally so that they can charge their car as easily and conveniently as possible. This is, for example, transparent pricing, reduced charging prices or guaranteed CO2 compensation.

Let’s stay with the added value Eugen, which your users receive through the partnership between your start-up and PlugSurfing?

Eugene, &batch – Through the partnership with Plugsurfing, the &Charge users have access to one of the largest charging station networks in Europe and can redeem the kilometers they have collected there and thus make the charging process cheaper. In addition, many of our users will certainly be spurred on to create more pictures of charging stations and to evaluate charging locations while they are charging, because the information generated as a result &Charge and the previous partners are now also visible at Plugsurfing.

Adam, comfort and simplicity are your priorities right from the start, and you can see similar values at &Charge – how do you bring them together now?

Adam, plug surfing – We were from the beginning of &Charge inspires because they offer clear added value and concrete benefits for the customer. Eugen, Simon and the team have a high pace and achieve a lot in a short time to significantly enrich the loading experience. That is what ultimately convinces customers. At Plugsurfing we always work with a customer focus and if we can communicate this mission so convincingly that the customer chooses us, then we will continue to be successful.

It was clear to us from the start that &Charge shares this view and this is also part of their daily work to create clear added value for the customer.

Please guide us through the intended use of the &Charge app in combination with PlugSurfing – what does the user have to watch out for?

Eugene, &batch – We typically start a start-up with an MVP. With this base you can &Charge users in the &Charge App exchange their accumulated mileage credit for Plugsurfing vouchers, which they then redeem in the Plugsurfing app and purchase credit. Plugsurfing offsets this credit with the following billing.

Later, this will be automated, as will the provision of charging station images, charging location ratings and other value-added services, which are currently at &batch in development.

Do you also benefit from &Charge fight against the so-called loading time? If so, how do you intend to convince your customers even more that charging an electric car is more than a necessary evil?

Adam, plug surfing – I think right now we are still focusing on what comes first: making sure that EV drivers can easily find charging options and pay for them. However, if we manage to make the charging experience consistently reliable and predictable, from the customer’s point of view there is still the waiting time (so-called waiting time). “Loading time”), which we can then tackle and optimize.

In addition to the discount on charging, the partnership also helps &Charge even with this “loading time”. For us and our customers, this offers exciting and at the same time innovative possibilities for a special charging experience.

thank you for the talk!

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