Workhorse – Lordstown Motors announces E-Pickup for the end of 2020

Workhorse - Lordstown Motors announces E-Pickup for the end of 2020-lordstown

Timing is sometimes happiness, usually you have it in your own hand. So what was about Workhorse / Lordstown Motors, that on the same day of the Tesla Cybertruck presentation is aware of the first own pure electric pickup, we can not answer. Only that in the media rummel on broken windows has gone down.

It is established Workhorse wants to bring its own fully electric pickup to the street at the end of 2020 at the latest 2020. Already today you can for 1.000 US dollars make a reservation. Before we go into the details short to the classification of Workhorse: The Workhorse Group made attention in May, as rumors that you will take over the Lordstown Factory from General Motor. Shortly thereafter, Workhorse secured a 25 million USD investment for the completion of its electric van and funds for financing the GM Lordstown Factory. Which you have acquired at the beginning of November. General Motors sold Lordstown Factory to an investor group called Lordstown Motors, which is funded by the E-Automaker Workhorse Group.

For the Lordstown Factory, a lightweight, all-wheel drive vehicle with a low center of gravity is initially in conversation. Workhorse speaks in this context of a pickup truck that listens to the name “The Endurance”. This should also run from the band in Lordstown Factory, so Steve Burns, CEO of Lordstown Motors. Priced “The Endurance” above the Cybertruck starts and comes with a starting price of 52.500 US dollars therefore. It should be presented at the beginning of the year 2020.

“The pickup was designed so that it is easy, four-wheel drive and with a low center of gravity without compromising ground clearance. Lordstown Motors has set itself the goal of making the Pickup Truck Endurance ™ safest, most economical and most environmentally friendly electro-pickup truck all times.”

Lordstown said that the focus of the truck will first be on fleets, but the company also opposes orders for private use. So far, only the rendering has become public at the beginning of the article. Further information for the pickup to have a four-wheel drive “hub motor”, which reduces the number of moving parts and thus, so the company that makes maintenance reliable and cost-effective, are currently not available.

With the production of the E-Pickup, the factory lives up again in Lordstown. Last November, this was shut down after GM had decided to set the production of the Cruze along with several other car models. These models belonged to the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt, which was produced in a different plant in Michigan.

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