Workhorse takes over Lordstown Factory from General Motors

Workhorse takes over Lordstown Factory from General Motors-lordstown

The Workhorse Group made attention in May, as rumors started to take the Lordstown Factory from General Engine. Shortly thereafter, Workhorse secured a 25 million USD investment for the completion of its electric van and funds for financing the GM Lordstown Factory. Which you have acquired at the beginning of November.

General Motors sold Lordstown Factory to an investor group called Lordstown Motors, which is funded by the E-Automaker Workhorse Group. The amount of the purchase price was not spoken, just as little was a start date for production communicated. Stand Today Workhorse looks at an almost finished electric van, which could be used in a variety of companies. The most interesting one shows a large series of services at the United States Postal Service. Calling on Workhorse boss Duane Hughes reports trucks.COM that UPS 950 takes more of the electrified delivery trucks into operation. Serial production of the electric delivery truck could be done in Lordstown.

Furthermore, a light, all-wheel drive vehicle with a low center of gravity is in conversation. Workhorse speaks in this context of a pickup truck that listens to the name “The Endurance”. This should also run from the band in Lordstown Factory, so Steve Burns, CEO of Lordstown Motors. In a statement, General Motors to understand that it is “the future investment and employment growth in Ohio, and believe that the plan of Lordstown Motors / Workhorse to bring the electric pickup endurance to the market, which has potential to create a significant number of jobs and help the Lordstown area to develop into a production center for electrification “.

Workhorse also published a press release at the end of Thursday, which contained details of the license agreement on intellectual property with Lordstown Motors. None of the two companies posted the number of jobs on Thursday and when the setting or production would start. But GM has said that the company would create about 450 jobs.

The factory in Lordstown was shut down after GM had decided last November to set the production of Cruze along with several other car models. These models belonged to the plug-in hybrid Chevrolet Volt, which was produced in a different plant in Michigan. After President Trump announced the Workhorse Deal for the first time, founded company founder Steve Burns: “The first vehicle we would build when we would buy the Lordstown complex would be a commercial electric pickup, which with the technology of Workhorse The manufacturing competence of Lordstown connects “. This seems to be forkeeping now.

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